Winter 2014 Yuzen Box Review

My Winter 2014 Yuzen Box arrived this month – here’s what was inside:


SubBoxesNov14 005


Yuzen costs $33/box and boxes are shipped quarterly.


SubBoxesNov14 007

Essence of Vali Sleep – 0.02 fl oz – $2.16

I think I’ll pass this onto a friend – there’s a warning about using if pregnant…

Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub – 1 fl oz – $3.75

I’ve used this a couple times and I actually really like it!  I was afraid that I would break out as it feels like it would be harsh, but good so far!

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye Cream – 5 ml – $13

I am not good at using eye creams, so will pass this onto a friend also!

Cowgirl Extreme C Serum – 10 ml?? – $24

I won’t be using this item either… not good at using serums either…

SubBoxesNov14 010

Salus Shower Bombs – 2 bombs – $2.25 each or $4.50 total

I like using shower bombs when I remember!  These will go in my jar for future use!

ZENTS Mandarin Soap – 1 bar – $12

I swear I have so much soap… I guess I just don’t use it as fast as I seam to receive it!

JJ’s Sweets Chocolate-Covered Cocomels with Sea Salt – 1 oz – $1.73

Husband got to eat these.  His exact words, “YUM!”


My Winter 2014 Yuzen box was worth approximately $61 and I paid $33! This was probably one of my least favorite boxes as there were several items I wasn’t that excited about, but past boxes have been a huge hit for me, so will just chalk this one up to a miss for me!


Fall 2014 Yuzen Box Review

My Fall 2014 Yuzen Box arrived in August – here’s what was inside:


SubBoxesAug14 005


Yuzen costs $33/box and boxes are shipped quarterly.


SubBoxesAug14 007

Welda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Lotion – 6.8 fl oz (FULL SIZE) – $16.50

I have been wanting to try this lotion for awhile, so was quite happy to receive!

SpaRitual Cuti-Cocktail Pen and Pusher – Full Size – $17

I could definitely use some help with my cuticles, so again really excited for this item!

SubBoxesAug14 008

Dr. Hauschka Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence – 10 ml – $3

I love Dr. Hauschka products, so can’t wait to give this one a try!

Eminence Wild Plum Eye Cream – 10 ml – $23

I am not a huge eye cream person – but this product appears to have amazing reviews, so may just give it a shot anyway!

Tatcha Indigo Soothing Silk Hand Cream – 10 ml – $8

LOVE hand creams – can’t wait to try this product also!

SubBoxesAug14 009

Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Fruit Snacks Berry Patch – 1 pouch – $1

I love all of Annie’s brands (or at least all I’ve tried), with the exception of their fruit snacks.  They are a little too “chewy” for me…

Whet Refined Nail Lacquer in Hubris – 10 ml – $9

I’m excited to give this nail polish a try too!  I’m not the hugest fan of the color I received, but if the product is good, I’m always happy to find new nail polish brands!


My Fall 2014 Yuzen box was worth approximately $78 and I paid $33! I have to say this box was awesome!  There is only one product (eye cream) that I wouldn’t typically use, but based on the reviews, I can’t even wait to give that a try!  Yuzen is definitely a “treat” for me!

Summer 2014 Yuzen Box Review

My Summer 2014 Yuzen Box arrived today as part of Subscription Box Saturday – again FINALLY!  I hate that I seem to receive mine after everyone else, so it’s almost never a surprise (how can I avoid the other reviews?!)  Nevertheless, I still love what’s inside!


SubBoxSat 018


Yuzen costs $33/box and boxes are shipped quarterly.


SubBoxSat 019

Aromaflage Botanical Fragrance & Insect Repellent – 1 ml (?) – $1.30

No synthetic fragrances * No parabens or sodium laurel sulfate 

This is both a fragrance and insect repellent?!  What?!  Wow – totally will try this and may actually consider purchasing if it works!  Mosquitoes LOVE me – like.. LOVE me.  Husband says I’m the best repellent around, because they always bite me instead of him!

SEN CHA Naturals Pink Dragonfruit Mints – Full Size Tube – $2.95

Natural and organic ingredients * Sustainable Packaging

OOOOO these are YUMMY!!  The packaging took me a little while to figure out – but oh my they are good!

SubBoxSat 020

Shamanuti Seaweed Toner – 1 fl oz – $7

Organic and all-natural ingredients * Naturally preserved * Cruelty-free * No parabens, petroleum or sulfates

I’ll give this a try and hope that it doesn’t cause me to break out!  I seem to have bad luck with toners…

Kerstin Florian Lavender Body Spray – 1 fl oz – $12

Organic ingredients * Gluten and cruelty free * No synthetic fragrances * No sulfates, formaldehyde or artificial coloring

I actually don’t mind the scent of this spray – and it’s a moisturizer too!  Pretty neat if you ask me!

SubBoxSat 021

Kneipp Balancing Lavender Herbal Bath – 20 ml – $5.50

All natural ingredients * Cruelty free * No parabens, sulfates, petroleum or formaldehyde

This is supposed to help with nervousness and mental fatigue! I can see this being nice after a long week of work (like last night!)  I have lots of bath products that seem to be piling up… guess I need to take more baths!

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Ultimate Lash and Brow Serum – 0.16 fl oz (FULL SIZE!) – $62.50

All natural ingredients * Gluten-free * Cruelty free * Vegan * Non-GMO * No synthetic fragrance, parabens, petroleum, sulfates, formaldehyde, or artificial coloring

Wow!  That’s quite the price tag on this item!  To be honest, I’m a little scared to try as one of the reviews stated problems with sensitive skin (which I definitely have…)  I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with this (i.e., keep or swap!)

SubBoxSat 022

Hugo Naturals Handcrafted Vanilla & Sweet Orange Soap – 4 oz (Full Size) – $4

Natural and plant-based coloring * No parabens or synthetic fragrances * Vegan * Free of soy, sulfates, and formaldehyde * Gluten free

Oh my, this smells wonderful!  It’s going to the top of the pile for the next soap I will use 🙂


My Summer 2014 Yuzen box was worth approximately $95 and I paid $33!  I do LOVE this box, but a little on the fence with the number of products since they seemed to put all the value in one item that I’m not sure I’ll be able to use!  That being said, I LOVE everything else in this box, so still a huge win for me!

Spring 2014 Yuzen Review

My Spring 2014 Yuzen Box arrived today – FINALLY!!!  I saw some other blog reviews go up on Monday, torture that I had to wait until today to get mine!!


Spring14Yuzen 004

Spring14Yuzen 006Spring14Yuzen 007


Yuzen costs $33/box and boxes are shipped quarterly.


Spring14Yuzen 009

Acure Organics Radical Resurfacing Facial Treatment – 1 oz – $14.28

This lotion is supposed to help with blotchiness, hyperpigmentation, and other trouble spots.  Excited to try!

Spring14Yuzen 010

Balanced Guru Balm Me Up – 1 oz – $11.25

The body balm seems like it’s going to be greasy, but appears to soak in after a little rubbing.  Will likely use to hit target dry areas!

Chocolove Cherries and Almonds Bar in Dark Chocolate – 1 bar – $1.42

Husband again scores with my box… ha!

Spring14Yuzen 002

Lotus Wei Infinite Love Mist – 10 ml – $8

Unfortunately my mist didn’t make the trek – the bottle was shattered on the bottom.  I sent an email to Yuzen – hopefully they can send another one or something…

Spring14Yuzen 011

Sranrom Candle in Consideration – Full Size? – $32

Sranrom Hand Cream in Calm Down – 1.06 oz – $10

I’m thinking the Sranrom brand is relatively new, as it’s hard to even find prices on these items.  I had to guess on the candle.  Updated with candle price and link!  The hand cream is quite amazing actually!

Spring14Yuzen 012

Sumbody Sum Fizzer in coconut and cream – $5.95

Sumbody Bathmelt in Get Lei’d (?) – $5.50

I do like the bath additives that I’ve been getting, I’ve just been getting so many!  Oh well – these’ll go in the pile and I’ll get to them some day!


My Spring 2014 Yuzen box was worth approximately $88 and I paid $33!  I’m hoping they will send me out another mist for the one that was broken, but otherwise I’m SUPER excited for the products I received this quarter!!

Winter 2013 Yuzen Review

My first Yuzen Box arrived yesterday!!!  I couldn’t wait to dig in to start sampling the wonderfully procured natural and eco-friendly products!

The Box:

YuzenWinter13 025

YuzenWinter13 006YuzenWinter13 021

The Cost:

Yuzen costs $33/box and boxes are shipped quarterly.

The Goods:

YuzenWinter13 009

Jane Iredale 24-Karat Gold Dust (Gold) – 1.8 grams (FULL SIZE!) – $13.50

All natural ingredients and colors * Cruelty-free

Excited to try this to add a little “shimmer” for the holidays!

YuzenWinter13 010

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream – 15 mL (0.5 oz) – $9.38

Eco-friendly * Cruelty Free

I’m not a huge fan of the rose scent on this item, however, it does appear to go on nice with a light finish (not greasy).

YuzenWinter13 011

Kerstin Florian Fuß Balm – 30 ml – $8.12

No parabens or petroleum * Cruelty-free

This is a foot lotion that smells quite nice!  My feet feel super soft, so going with it works well too!

YuzenWinter13 012

Level Naturals Travel Candle (Lemon Verbena) – 2 oz – $6.67

100% natural, vegan, soy candle * Lead-free wick * Toxin-free scent

So this is the second “travel” candle we have gotten this month (November Birchbox Man had one also).  Let’s just say I like the scent on this one MUCH better – still not 100% what to do with it – suggestions would be helpful! (read: I’m probably not going to pack it away on my next trip…)

YuzenWinter13 013

Pino Facial Mask – 22 ml (0.74 fl oz) – $8

No chemicals or preservatives * 95% organic ingredients * Cruelty-free

Excited to try this mask!

YuzenWinter13 015

Sanitas Moisture Mist – 60 ml – $5.40

No parabens or preservatives * No artificial ingredients * Kosher

Seems like a light mist – my face doesn’t get overly dry normally, but this may help this winter!

YuzenWinter13 017

SpaRitual Golden Rule Lacquer – 5ml – $6.50

Free of DBP, Formaldehyde, and toluene * Naturally colored and free of synthetic dyes * Vegan

I received a SpaRitual full size sample in my Fall 2013 FabFitFun box – and really liked the product.  This is more of just a glitter (no color), which makes me feel a little bit like a teenager wearing it.  That being said, again would probably be good for the holidays.

YuzenWinter13 018

Sun Cups Dark Chocolate Mint Cups – 2 cups – $1.67

Non-GMO * Rainforest Alliance Certified

Husband got to eat these (can’t eat chocolate); and he said they tasted like a York peppermint patty – he was pretty impressed.  Now for my little complaint, why do these boxes keep shipping chocolate?! Arg!

YuzenWinter13 020

Tara Spa Therapy Stress Relief Roll-on Remedy – 5 ml – $3

Made with certified organic herbal extracts * No parabens or preservatives * No artificial colors or dyes * Petroleum-free * Cruelty-free

Tried applying this, not really sure if it did anything?  May have to bring into work in order to truly test it!

The Verdict:

Overall my Winter 2013 Yuzen box was worth an estimated $62.24 and I paid $33!  The only products that I was less then excited about were the chocolate (as stated above) and the rose hand lotion (the smell :S).

Bottom line: LOVED my Winter 2013 Yuzen box and can’t wait for the next one to come in the mail (it’ll be a painful 3-month wait!)  It appears Yuzen is still accepting subscribers – I’d jump on now as I had to wait awhile for them to open up subscriptions!