Eco Emi Special Edition Spring Cleaning Box Review

My Special Edition Spring Cleaning Eco Emi box showed up yesterday (SUPER FAST SHIPPING!) here’s what was inside:


 EcoEmiSpringClean 001

EcoEmiSpringClean 002

PS – I’m not sure WHERE Eco Emi got their prices for this month’s card – but I found totally different prices online!  My review is based off of the online prices in the links provided.


The Eco Emi Special Edition Box cost $15 (still available at the time of this review here)


EcoEmiSpringClean 003

Wildflowers Laundry Detergent by Attitude – 1 oz – $0.30

I’m glad this product is marked safe for high efficiency washers.  And it has penguins on it.  I LOVE penguins!  haha… anyway, I’m sure this’ll get used!

All Natural Loofah Sponge by Twist – 1 loofah – $4.99

I’ll totally give this a shot in the kitchen!  I have a hard time finding anything that compares to the green scratchy pads though for cleaning out the sink (ONLY the green ones work IMO!) but I’m happy to try something new!

EcoEmiSpringClean 004

Lavender Mint Revival Laundry Detergent by Rockin Green – 0.1 kg – $1.24

Again – I’m glad this sample will work for HE machines!  I’ve never tried powder detergent in our washer though… so this could be interesting…

Room and Linen Spray by Five Little Indians – 2 oz – $4.25

Not really sure what scent this room and linen spray is – so I just linked them all… that being said, I’m TOTALLY stalking their other products – most specifically the glass and mirror cleaner and insect repellent!  They had a free shipping coupon that expired yesterday unfortunately, otherwise I would have purchased now!  Will have to wait until they have another offer…

Also, I wish I would have gotten the multi-purpose cleaning spray as ID”d on the card instead of the room spray…

EcoEmiSpringClean 005

Microfiber Hand Mitt by Heather’s Green Home Goods – 1 mitt – $1

This is actually pretty cute – you just slip on your four fingers to clean!  I think this might be good for tight spaces!  Will totally be adding to my cleaning caddy!

EcoEmiSpringClean 007

Laundry Detergent by Juniper Seed – 1 load – $0.30

I’m not so sure about this sample – they recommend making your own laundry detergent out of it before using it so the powder gets fully dissolved?  Then also, you are supposed to add vinegar to the rinse cycle.  Holy complicated?!  Ugh – I’m sure I’ll just put the powder in the washer just to use it, but getting ready to do laundry shouldn’t be work…

Side note – I’m now stalking this site for their other products also… like their dusting spray and swiffer pads!

Auto Dish Detergent by Rockin Green – 0.1 kg – $2.88

I’m quite excited about this item!  I’ve not had good luck switching to an all natural dishwasher detergent… so can’t wait to see how this works!


Overall, I calculate my Eco Emi Special Edition Spring Cleaning Box to be worth ~$15.  I actually was a little disappointed in the variety of products (come on – THREE laundry detergents!?) BUT I found two shops that I’m probably going to place orders from, so that’s good, right?!  And with a box titled Spring Cleaning – I would have anticipated more cleaning products (dish soap, floor scrub, glass cleaner, etc.)  Anyway – what’d you think of the Eco Emi Special Edition Spring Cleaning box?  Are you going to pick one up for yourself?  I loved that I WILL use everything out of this box so that’s good 🙂