Eco Emi November 2013 Review

My first Eco Emi box arrived today – which was rather odd as I received my shipping notification this morning!

The Box:



The Cost:

Eco Emi costs $15/month.

The Goods:


Chandra Dry Perfume by Chamelagiri – $4 (you can get 3 samples on Etsy for $12) (Full Size: 2.5 grams for $25)

From Eco Emi, “Chandra is a spicy, chocolate chai blended into a soft powdery pillow…apply the same way as regular perfume on your wrist and neck.”  I’m sorry, but chocolate perfume?!  I would probably break out in hives.  This may be OK for some, but definitely not for me.

Pumpkin Pout Lip Balm by Tulips Apothecary – FULL SIZE 1 oz – $8

Loving the pumpkin lip balm – I only wish this flavor would have arrived earlier in the fall (like October), now I’m eyeing their other products on Etsy! if you want to check them out!  I think I’ll have to get the zinc oxide one for summer!


Peppermints by St. Claire’s Organics – 0.53 oz – $1.19

These taste like a candy cane!  I didn’t think I’d like them, but they aren’t half bad!  Will have to see how they work for digestive issues, as I seem to be prone to those (my go to is mint tea).


Greeting Cards by Night Owl Paper Goods – 1 card – $4 (Full Size: box of 6 for $24)

This greeting card was actually pretty cool – it’s made from sustainably-harvested birch wood!  This will be going to my mom for Christmas 🙂  I’m sure she’ll love it!


Squeaky Clean Shampoo by Sparklehearts – 2 oz – $3.25 (In Peta Gift Set of 4 (shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion) for $13)

I’ll try this shampoo – it says it’s for girls; so assuming I’m not the intended audience, but why not!

Whipped Shea Butter with Kalahari Melon Seed Oil by Shea Radiance – 1 oz – $4 (Full Size: 8 oz for $32)

This whipped butter is pretty awesome – and smells good too!


Flower Headband by Anna – $9

Alright, this is not for me.  This flower is an easy 4-5 inches in diameter, do adults really wear these??  I’m thinking this’ll be a great gift for my photography friend (thinking she could use as a prop??). if you live in the Sioux Falls area and need a great photographer!


Midnight Dark Drinking Chocolate by Kitsune Tea – 2 oz? – $5

Two chocolate items in one box?  Sheesh.  I’m sure the husband will love this.

The Verdict:

Overall, I calculate my Eco Emi November 2013 Box to be worth ~$38!  Granted there are 3 of the 8 items that just aren’t for me, but even still it seems like the value of the box is there!  Here’s hoping that next months box is a little better suited towards my likes.. but overall I’m fairly satisfied.  Again, I wish they’d stop putting chocolate in these boxes!  *sigh*

It does appear that a lot of their products come from Etsy – which is pretty awesome.  I love that site!