February 2014 Eco Emi Review

My February 2014 Eco Emi box also showed up in the mail the other day, here’s what was inside:


 EEFeb2014 001

EEFeb2014 003


Eco Emi costs $15/month.


EEFeb2014 004

Tea Light Candles by Goodlight Natural Candles – 6 pack – $2.49

I use tea lights quite a bit for tart burners – never really thought about looking for an eco-friendly version!

All Natural Hummus by Wild Garden – 1 pack – $0.86

I love that they include more then just beauty items in their box!

EEFeb2014 006

Organic Hairspray by Aubrey Organics – 1 oz – $2

Haven’t tried this yet – but I do like the idea of organic hairspray!  Awesome travel size too!  Will be bringing this with me on vacation!

Vegan Lip Balm by Jersey Shore Sun in Winter mint – FULL SIZE – $5

This balm is quite minty!  Kind of makes me want a mojito… but perhaps I am just OVER this winter…

Lavish Face Mask by Blissoma – sample size – $3.50

I’m not big on face masks, but this product gets AMAZING reviews.  May have to make myself give it a try!

EEFeb2014 007

Eyelash Conditioner by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques – FULL SIZE – $10

I’ve never heard of lash conditioner before – curious to see how this works!

Chocolate Vanilla Paste by Premier Organics – 1 pouch – $1.35

Appears this product isn’t available on their website yet?  Nevertheless, husband will be sampling this as well!


Overall, I calculate my Eco Emi February 2014 Box to be worth ~$25.  Loved this months box, excited to try some of the products that are new to me (i.e., lash conditioner!)  Also, glad to see only one chocolate item (especially since it was a February box..)