Eco Emi Winter 2013 Bonus Box

Eco Emi was offering (and still is at the time of this posting – click here) a bonus box of 25-30 previously featured items for $40.  My recommendation – GO  NOW AND GET YOURS BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!!!!!!!  I cannot believe how many products were in this box!  And the best part – they are all natural!  Without further adieu…

The Box:

So I couldn’t take a picture of all of the items in the actual box, there was just too many things!  This box took a solid 20 minutes to just unpack and look at everything!  I wish I could get one of these every day!  Sorry for the lack of quality in the picture…

Dec2013 Boxes1 001

The Cost:

As stated, Eco Emi was (is) offering this bonus box for $40.

The Goods:

Dec2013 Boxes1 012

Suncoat Natural Mascara – 10 ml (FULL SIZE) – $15

My only (slight) disappointment in this is that it’s brown instead of black – but will definitely wear when I want a “softer” look!

The All Natural Face Vegan Lip Gloss in Glazed Strawberry – 0.43 fl oz (FULL SIZE) – $4.60

I actually quite like the consistency in this lip gloss – it’s not sticky AT ALL!

Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Cream – 0.5 oz – $2

Keep the hand cream coming people!  Winter is hard on my skin!

Wine Country Organics Organic Lip Tint in Pinot – 2.5 g (FULL SIZE) – $7

This is an amazing lip tint!

Blissoma Anti-Aging Serum – 0.125 oz – $6

Will probably give this a try, even though I don’t really need yet (at least I hope I don’t need yet!)

Dec2013 Boxes1 009

Lauren Brooke Creme Foundation sample – $3(?)

I actually received the same stacker in my November 2013 Daily Dose of Green box.

The All Natural Face Vegan Eye Shadow in Pink Gold – 5 g? – $3.50(?)

This color is quite sparkly!  I’m sure it will have it’s use!

Lauren Brooke Powder Eye Colour in Pink Champagne – 1 g (FULL SIZE) – $9

This is a very similar color to the previous sample – may gift one as I don’t think I’ll need two…

The Natural Choice Apothecary All Purpose Healing Slave – 10 ml – $3

I think I may have to stalk this shop to see what else they have!

SukiFace Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser – 0.25 fl oz – $2

This product smells quite amazing – but it is rock hard!  Not sure if it’s supposed to be, will have to see if it loosens up with some water.

The All Natural Face Lip and Cheeks in Peachy Rose – $5.75

I don’t like this product as much as the other lip tints/gloss received in this box, and not sure I’ll use as a cheek stain?  Will give it a try I guess.

Dec2013 Boxes1 008

Mate Factor Lemon Ginger Tea Bag – $0.30

Sen Cha Green Tea Leaf Mints – 3 mints – $0.20

Tallulah Jane Natural Parfum Aiyana – 1 ml – $1.60

Smells pretty good – I do wish the sample had the little spritzer that the perfume sample in my November Birchbox had!

Fundamental Earth Face Scrub – 0.75 fl oz total – $1.50

Crystal Body Deodorant Towelettes – 2 towelette – $0.80

Dec2013 Boxes1 007

Limitless Skies Sleep Mask – $5

This mask is way too small for an adult – not sure what I’ll do with it…

Teeccino French Roast – 1 “tee” bag – $0.50

This is really interesting – it’s a coffee alternative.  In a tea bag.  Huh.

Indochine Star Anise and Coffee Soap – $7

So not sure if this item is actually full size – but I’m going with it.  The smell of this soap is STRONG!  But I love star anise, so not complaining!!!

Badger Cuticle Care -21 g (FULL SIZE) – $6

This product seems very similar to my Burts Bees cuticle cream (which I love).  Now I have two 🙂

Fortune Cookie Whipped Cream Body Butter in Mother Pucker – 1 oz – $2.20

I think this smells good – honestly still smelling that star anise! LOL!

Coco Lacquer – $2

Not sure the color name on this, but it’s a pretty blue!

Dec2013 Boxes1 006

Mighty Leaf Iced Tea in Ginger Peach – 1 pouch – $1.25

Excited to try this – it looks amazing!

Dr. Hauschka Rejuvenating Mask – 2.5 ml – $3.50

I go to a salon that uses Dr. Hauschka products for facials – super excited to have a sample for at home!

Artisana Raw Walnut Butter – 1.19 oz – $1.75

Huh – should be interesting to try!

Bulldog Moisturizer – 4 ml total – $0.50

When searching – it appears this product is actually marketed as men’s skincare – I will give this one to the Husband 🙂

Baker’s Confections Decorative Wooden Utensils – $1

These are kind of silly to me…

Dec2013 Boxes1 005

Beauty Without Cruelty Shampoo and Conditioner – 2 fl oz each – $2.75

I got the exact same product in my November Daily Dose of Green box (this is the second duplicate from that box – hilarious!)  I do like the shampoo and conditioner though, so I’ll take it!

Aubrey Body Spritzer in Tangelo Twist – 1 fl oz – $2.79

This smells pretty good!

French Girl Rose Cleansing Grains – 1 oz – $9

I believe this is supposed to be used as an exfoliate – not a huge fan of the scent, but will give it a try.

Eartha Essentials Stress Relief Bath Soak – 1 oz – $2

I’m really excited to try this!!

Dec2013 Boxes1 004

Seaweed Bath Co Powder Bath – 2 oz – $3.89

I’m due for some serious bath time! 🙂

Safonique Lavender Sea Landry Detergent – 4 fl oz (2 loads) – $0.50

I’m always game for trying new all natural laundry detergents – I keep coming back to Seventh Generation, but will give this a shot!

M&J Dog Essentials Nutrient Fusion Pre-Shampoo Treatment – 2 fl oz total (?) – $4(?)

Will totally give this a try the next bath day for the dogs!

Dec2013 Boxes1 003

Nelsons Cleansing Wipes – 32 wipes – $8.50

My stack of makeup wipes keeps growing – but that’s fine, as I won’t have to buy any at the store for a long time!

Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes – 10 towelettes – $2

I have this exact product in my drawer (that I bought at the store) – I will certainly take a sample size!  This’ll work great for vacation (nice small size!)

Grab Green Dishwashing Detergent – 2 tabs – $0.67

Dishwashing detergent is the only place that we haven’t tried all natural product yet.  Will definitely give these a shot!

(Pictured above) – USA Scarf – $2?

Not sure what the value of this scarf is, I’ll call it not too expensive, as it feels rather cheap.  Was also made in China.  Not sure how this fits into the all natural theme…

The Verdict

Holy cats, I’ll say it again, GO BUY THIS BOX WHILE YOU CAN!  I spent $40 on this box and received over $130 worth of product!  What’s especially nice is that I’m a new Eco Emi subscriber, so I didn’t receive product that I had gotten already.  Definitely recommend for the new comer or as a gift!