April 2014 Eco Emi Review

My April 2014 Eco Emi box also showed up in the mail today, here’s what was inside:


 PopResandEEApr14 015

PopResandEEApr14 017


Eco Emi recently updated their subscription options – they are now:

$15/month for month by month
$14/month for 3 month subscription
$13/month for 6 month subscription
$12/month for 12 month subscription


PopResandEEApr14 018

Natural Vegan Lavendar Eye Makeup Remover by HomespunNorthwest – 3 oz – $6

I am excited to give this a try – also stalking HomespunNorthwest’s shop on Etsy!  I LOVE how Eco Emi finds these shops for me 🙂

Earth Day Flower Seed Packet by RamblinRiver – 1 packet – $2.50

I only wish I would have gotten a different flower then sunflowers… but will probably find a place to plant these anyway!

Vegan Edible Love Dust in Cocoa Sparkle by All Natural Face – 10 gFull Size – $3.3310 – Thanks CBIANCARDI!

Yeah, don’t think I’ll be giving this a try (in either the eating or wearing department!)

PopResandEEApr14 019

Ultra Care Toothpaste – Mega Mint by Desert Essence – 0.05 oz – $0.06

Whitening Plus Toothpaste – Cool Mint by Desert Essence – 0.05 oz – $0.06

Well – I am excited to give these samples a try.  I do wish they were a LITTLE bigger though!

Honey Organic Stinger Waffle by Honey Stinger – 1 waffle – $1.39

I love that Eco Emi sends out more then just beauty products!  These aren’t rated very well at REI (3 stars), but will give it a shot! Update – these are actually rated 4 stars at REI. Thanks CBIANCARDI!

PopResandEEApr14 020

Tropical Liquid Drink Mix by Organic Flavrz – 1 mix – $1.17

ooOO!  Can’t wait to give this a shot – totally taking to work tomorrow to mix in with my water!

Fortune Cookie Soap Bath Fizzy – 1 fiz – $2.48

I have many bath items laying around – but I love them all!  I think I just need to take more time to take baths!


Overall, I calculate my Eco Emi April 2014 Box to be worth ~$1723.  I DO love my Eco Emi box, but I wish the values were just a little higher…  I’m contemplating cancelling or upgrading to the annual subscription!  ha!  Talk about a swing in emotions there… but the boxes are only $12/month if I upgrade…  BUT if I cancel, I can give another subscription box a shot (been eyeing either Petit Vour or Goodebox).  What’s the crowd opinion?  I need help deciding!