November 2013 Daily Dose of Green

I was so excited that my November 2013 Daily Dose of Green arrived in the mail today!!  I loved my first box of DDoG and couldn’t wait to see what was in this month’s box!

The Box:

DDoGNov13 028

Again, I love that the contents are directly inside the shipping box!  No waste of another box!

DDoGNov13 030

Here’s the detail card for the items in my box.

The Cost:

Daily Dose of Green is an eco subscription box available for $15 per month

The Goods:

DDoGNov13 031

Beauty Without Cruelty  – 2 fl oz each – $2.75

*Cruelty Free, Vegan, No Synthetic Fragrances*

I love trying shampoos and conditioners that are “natural” – hoping someday to find that product I can’t live without!  We’ll see how this month goes 🙂

DDoGNov13 032

Eat Green Tea Edible Green Tea Leaves – 6 grams total – $1.50

This is the second time I have received a sample from Eat Green Tea – and to be perfectly honest, I’m not certain where the first sample ended up… I’m still not 100% about poring this over food, but the package did say they recommend with a smoothie – now that I could see… if only I was a smoothie person.  Oh, the dilemma.   Suggestions anyone?

DDoGNov13 033DDoGNov13 034

Lauren Brooke Creme Foundation sample – $3(?)

This item was a little confusing to me, as with the three samples – the product colors are probably only applicable to 10% of people who received them.  I will likely end up mixing a little of the cool into the neutral to try to match my skin tone, but would have no idea what color to purchase if I do end up liking this.  While I do not expect them to send 16 different samples, a survey of “what type of skin do you have – light, medium, dark” would have been good to get three light skin colored samples.  Am I making sense?  Oh well.  Still excited to try this item!

DDoGNov13 035

Two Degrees Chocolate Banana Bar – 1 bar – $2

Another chocolate item.  I beginning to think this is going to be a regular occurrence with several subscription boxes.  While the Husband loves it, I keep getting left out!  Boo.  How about some caramels or salt water taffy?!  Hm.. maybe someday.

And this month’s Extra Products:

DDoGNov13 029

I really like how they add the extra products to the boxes.  Wish I knew what everyone else was getting as their extras – feel free to share!

DDoGNov13 036

Bee All Natural Hand and Foot Salve (peppermint) – 1 oz – $3.31

I actually quite love this product as a hand cream – perfect timing as the temperatures are turning cold.  The only complaint is the smell – I’m not the worlds biggest peppermint fan… I have a feeling I’ll get used to it though as I love how this makes my skin feel.

DDoGNov13 037

Bare Body Soaps Green Tea and Lemongrass Soap – 1 oz – $1.50

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the smell of this soap!  Wish the hand and foot salve smelled this good… LOL

DDoGNov13 038

Redmond Trading Co. Real Salt – 0.53 oz total – $0.75

So this item was a little disappointing.  Apparently the salt I have been using isn’t real?  We use crushed sea salt and a grinder currently.  I think we’re fine.

The Verdict:

I paid $15 for my daily dose of green box and I received an estimated $14.81 worth of product.  Definitely not as high value as my first box; however, close enough for me!  The items I was disappointed in were the chocolate (again – stop with the chocolate everyone!  LOL – the Husband enjoys though I guess) and the salt packets.  I also wish the hand cream would have been a different scent, but it works amazing!

How was your November 2013 Daily Dose of Green box??