Citrus Lane Mystery Box Review

Citrus Lane was offering Mystery Boxes awhile back, and I decided to get one!  They don’t have a “pregnancy” box option, but lets just say I think I have every intention of signing up for this box as soon as the little one is born!

The Box:

SubBoxesOct14 010

The Cost:

The Citrus Lane Mystery Box cost me $29 plus $4.95 shipping, but I used a $5 coupon code, so I basically got free shipping!

The Goods:

SubBoxesOct14 011

The Mommy Hook – $6.99

I didn’t know such a product existed!  That being said, I have read to be very careful not to load too much weight on the back of the stroller for safety reasons, but I can see how clipping on a bag or two would be helpful!

Ah Goo Baby The Bib – $9.75

This bib appears quite large – so thinking it’s a use later kind of item.  That being said, it appears that it will do a good job of collecting baby goo!

SubBoxesOct14 013

First Play Wiggling Worm Grasping Toy – $7.99

Another item that won’t get used right away, but that’s fine!  The little one will have lots to play with as she grows!

Cloud-b Peekaboo Lovie – $9.95

This is pretty cute – it’s a little blanket with a toy thing that pops in and out (yeah OK I’m not the best at describing things…)

SubBoxesOct14 014

Dr Smith’s Diaper Rash Ointment – 0.5 oz each x 2 – $3.66 total

I would like to say I hope I never have to use this, but I’m sure we will…

My First Green Toys Twist Teether – $10.99

I actually already have one of these (got in a swap!), but I will be gifting this to a friend that has a little one that could be using this soon! 🙂

Haba Klick Klack – $9.49

This is a pretty cute little toy too!  Perfect for baby’s small hands 🙂

The Verdict:

I paid ~$29 for my Citrus Lane Mystery Box and received approximately $59 worth of products for the Little One!  I can definitely see loving this box once baby is born, but for now it was fun to receive a box of items that I know she will enjoy some day soon 🙂 I do like that there are some non-toy products too! Obviously, no pregnancy items, as this box is geared for after baby is born.