November 2013 Bulu Box Review

Here’s my review for my November 2013 Weight Loss Bulu Box – it arrived in the mail today!!  “The Box” picture is credited to Bulu Box’s website – let’s face it, they just have a better picture then me!


November 2013 Weight Loss1

Here’s the information card I received describing all of the products.  I really enjoyed this as I’m not the most supplement, etc. savvy.

bulunov13 002


Month-to-Month: $10 (Free Shipping)
3 Month: $30 (Free Shipping)
6 Month: $60 (Free Shipping)
12 Month: $110 (Free Shipping) *One box Free!


Bulu Box Weight Management Box

bulunov13 001

Energems Peanut Butter Blast – Full Size (9 tablets) – $2.99

I think these’d be great to try if they were not chocolate – husband will have to give the verdict.

Yaff Bar: Honey Almond Cranberry – 1 bar – $3

We just got a Yaff Bar in yesterday’s Conscious Box – at least they are different flavors.  Again, little bit creeped out with sharing a treat with my dogs.. I know where their mouths have been!

Shapeology Burn Blend – 14 capsules – $9.33

Hm – interested to see how these pills work – they say they have as much caffeine as three cups of coffee – holy bouncing off the walls Tonya…

NeoCell Beauty Bursts, Fresh Mint Chocolate – 1 chew – $0.33

I giggle a little knowing that my husband will be trying this “beauty burst”!  It’s meant to promote smoother, more radiant skin, hair and nails!  Ha!  Maybe I just won’t tell him what it is.  Wish we would have gotten the fruit punch flavor instead.

The Verdict:

The value of my November 2013 Bulu Weight Loss Box was over $15.  The normal cost for this box is $10; however, I got a pretty good deal (3 boxes for $17).  I liked this month’s box a lot better then last months for the value, however I just seem destine to get chocolate in every box (and now it seems two samples!)  The husband seems to enjoy all the chocolate coming his way though, so I suppose I could stop complaining.

I have one month left in my subscription to the Bulu Weight Loss Box – based on this month’s box, I’m a little happier, but will make my final decision on whether the subscription stays or goes after receiving next months (they are 1 for 2 right now!)

How was your November 2013 Bulu Weight Loss Box?

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