21 Bundles Month 2 (June 2014) Review

I wrote this post when I received my first 21 Bundles box but waited to publish until the proverbial cat was out of the bag!

The Box:

My 2 month bundle was all about replacing items in your shower to use more natural products!

SRIC21BJun14 002

Let’s just say that holy cats they crammed this box full!!

The Cost:

21 Bundles costs $39.99 per month, $109.99 for 3 months ($36.66/month), or $209.99 for 6 months ($35/month).

21 Bundles catch is they deliver hand selected natural products tailored to your stage of pregnancy and the first year of your baby’s life.  9 months pregnancy + 12 months = 21 bundles!

Use coupon code “FRIEND” to save $10 off your first bundle!

The Goods:

SRIC21BJun14 003

Acure Lemongrass and Argan Stem Cell Shampoo and Conditioner – 8 fl oz each – $9.99 ea = $19.98

I literally was saying about a week before these arrived that I wanted to look at switching out my shampoo and conditioner to all natural brands.  Lucky for me, I’ve been majorly procrastinating lately – as these arrived right on time!  I’ve never tried the Acure brand shampoo and conditioner before, but I know I used one of their other products and liked it (I think it was lotion?)  Plus love that these are full size!

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics Morning Wellness Tea – 16 tea bags – $5.97

I’ve definitely had mornings where peppermint tea works wonders for me.  It seems that I’m usually OK as long as I keep food in my stomach though – nevertheless, I’m sure these’ll get used at some point!

SRIC21BJun14 006

Earth Mama Angel Baby Happy Mama Spray – 1 fl oz – $3.24

Not going to lie – this has already saved me once, and I’m sure it will again.  It really works!!  I just sprayed a little on my wrist and inhaled a lot and the nausea went away!

One With Nature Peppermint Dead Seam Minerals Soap – 7 oz – $4.49

I don’t generally use bar soap (more of a body wash type of person), but will throw this in the soap pile and will get to it eventually I’m sure.

Mambino Organics Mandarin Creme Organic Body Wash – 2 fl oz – $4

There we go!  I really like the mandarin scent of this also!  Will totally use this!

SRIC21BJun14 007

Hydrating Floral Essence The Power of Rose – 0.5 ml? – ~$1

I think these last few items are “extras” for the box, so lower value, but nice to fill out the box!

Nine Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner – 7 ml each – $5

The nine naturals brand is really interesting to me – the are dedicated “to creating chemical-free, high-performing products for women and educating mothers about the potential risks of environmental toxins.”  I won’t be able to tell how much I like their product from these small samples, but am hoping future packages feature this brand!

The Verdict:

I paid $30 for my first 21 Bundles box (used a coupon code) and received approximately $44 worth of product.  Had I paid full price, I would have basically received my value back – so not the highest value; however, love that they help to find pregnancy safe items for me!  I am going to give this subscription at least another month to see how I feel at that time!

What is your favorite pregnancy subscription box??