stitch fix

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service.  You can create your style profile without ordering a “Fix” if you want an idea of the types of questions they ask!  The style profile quiz was pretty intensive and I was even more excited after completing!  I choose, “the cheaper the better” for all of my pricing options; as I think the prices are a bit higher then I’m used to paying (~$50 on average); however, I decided that I desperately need styling help and it’ll be worth it to get some amazing pieces in my wardrobe.

After creating your styling profile, you can choose to schedule a one time fix or recurring.  Each Fix (as they are referred) costs $20 for your “styling fee”; however, this amount can be applied towards any items that you choose to purchase in your Fix (i.e., I really want this $60 item, so now it’ll only cost me $40).  Each Fix contains 5 items hand-picked based on your style profile and also creates a style card with ideas on how to wear the pieces.

Once you receive your Fix, you have 3 days to try on the items sent to you and choose to either keep them or return them in a pre-paid envelope (it should be noted that shipping is free both ways).  If you decide to keep all 5 items – you get 25% off the entire order (more then one person has said if you like 4 items, you might as well keep the 5th for “free”).  Cards that I have seen appear to cost around $200 for all five items (after discounts).

Stitch Fix Reviews: Fix #1 (Nov 2013), Fix #2 (Dec 2013)Fix #3 (Jan 2014)Fix #4 (Mar 2014)Fix #5 (Apr 2014)Fix #6 (May 2014), Fix #7 (June 2014)

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