Bespoke Post

Awhile back, Husband decided he wanted to give Bespoke Post a try!  After a few months of “passing” on the boxes, we are awaiting his first box arriving (supposed to be tomorrow!)  What is Bespoke Post?  Each month they curate a box of items to a theme.  They always show exactly what is in the boxes (which takes the fun away, in my opinion!) but Husband seems to like this so he knows what he’s spending his money on!  As alluded to above, you can skip any month too if you don’t like the boxes they have curated that month (make sure to opt out by the 6th or they will automatically send you a box)!

The Cost:

Bespoke Post costs $45 per month.

This post contains referral links!

Bespoke Post Reviews: Maker (April 2014)Detailed (May 2014), Bask (June 2014), The Barber (July 2014)



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