Eco Emi Special Edition Spring Cleaning Box Review

My Special Edition Spring Cleaning Eco Emi box showed up yesterday (SUPER FAST SHIPPING!) here’s what was inside:


 EcoEmiSpringClean 001

EcoEmiSpringClean 002

PS – I’m not sure WHERE Eco Emi got their prices for this month’s card – but I found totally different prices online!  My review is based off of the online prices in the links provided.


The Eco Emi Special Edition Box cost $15 (still available at the time of this review here)


EcoEmiSpringClean 003

Wildflowers Laundry Detergent by Attitude – 1 oz – $0.30

I’m glad this product is marked safe for high efficiency washers.  And it has penguins on it.  I LOVE penguins!  haha… anyway, I’m sure this’ll get used!

All Natural Loofah Sponge by Twist – 1 loofah – $4.99

I’ll totally give this a shot in the kitchen!  I have a hard time finding anything that compares to the green scratchy pads though for cleaning out the sink (ONLY the green ones work IMO!) but I’m happy to try something new!

EcoEmiSpringClean 004

Lavender Mint Revival Laundry Detergent by Rockin Green – 0.1 kg – $1.24

Again – I’m glad this sample will work for HE machines!  I’ve never tried powder detergent in our washer though… so this could be interesting…

Room and Linen Spray by Five Little Indians – 2 oz – $4.25

Not really sure what scent this room and linen spray is – so I just linked them all… that being said, I’m TOTALLY stalking their other products – most specifically the glass and mirror cleaner and insect repellent!  They had a free shipping coupon that expired yesterday unfortunately, otherwise I would have purchased now!  Will have to wait until they have another offer…

Also, I wish I would have gotten the multi-purpose cleaning spray as ID”d on the card instead of the room spray…

EcoEmiSpringClean 005

Microfiber Hand Mitt by Heather’s Green Home Goods – 1 mitt – $1

This is actually pretty cute – you just slip on your four fingers to clean!  I think this might be good for tight spaces!  Will totally be adding to my cleaning caddy!

EcoEmiSpringClean 007

Laundry Detergent by Juniper Seed – 1 load – $0.30

I’m not so sure about this sample – they recommend making your own laundry detergent out of it before using it so the powder gets fully dissolved?  Then also, you are supposed to add vinegar to the rinse cycle.  Holy complicated?!  Ugh – I’m sure I’ll just put the powder in the washer just to use it, but getting ready to do laundry shouldn’t be work…

Side note – I’m now stalking this site for their other products also… like their dusting spray and swiffer pads!

Auto Dish Detergent by Rockin Green – 0.1 kg – $2.88

I’m quite excited about this item!  I’ve not had good luck switching to an all natural dishwasher detergent… so can’t wait to see how this works!


Overall, I calculate my Eco Emi Special Edition Spring Cleaning Box to be worth ~$15.  I actually was a little disappointed in the variety of products (come on – THREE laundry detergents!?) BUT I found two shops that I’m probably going to place orders from, so that’s good, right?!  And with a box titled Spring Cleaning – I would have anticipated more cleaning products (dish soap, floor scrub, glass cleaner, etc.)  Anyway – what’d you think of the Eco Emi Special Edition Spring Cleaning box?  Are you going to pick one up for yourself?  I loved that I WILL use everything out of this box so that’s good 🙂


Eco Emi Special Edition Box

Eco Emi released notice of their first ever special edition box today – Spring Cleaning!!  Even though I cancelled my monthly subscription to Eco Emi, I couldn’t resist snatching up this box immediately!  A box full of natural cleaning supplies?  Yes, please!

The Cost:

Boxes cost $15 for US customers and $38 for international.

Are you going to pick up one of these?  I can’t wait to see what’s inside!

April 2014 Eco Emi Review

My April 2014 Eco Emi box also showed up in the mail today, here’s what was inside:


 PopResandEEApr14 015

PopResandEEApr14 017


Eco Emi recently updated their subscription options – they are now:

$15/month for month by month
$14/month for 3 month subscription
$13/month for 6 month subscription
$12/month for 12 month subscription


PopResandEEApr14 018

Natural Vegan Lavendar Eye Makeup Remover by HomespunNorthwest – 3 oz – $6

I am excited to give this a try – also stalking HomespunNorthwest’s shop on Etsy!  I LOVE how Eco Emi finds these shops for me 🙂

Earth Day Flower Seed Packet by RamblinRiver – 1 packet – $2.50

I only wish I would have gotten a different flower then sunflowers… but will probably find a place to plant these anyway!

Vegan Edible Love Dust in Cocoa Sparkle by All Natural Face – 10 gFull Size – $3.3310 – Thanks CBIANCARDI!

Yeah, don’t think I’ll be giving this a try (in either the eating or wearing department!)

PopResandEEApr14 019

Ultra Care Toothpaste – Mega Mint by Desert Essence – 0.05 oz – $0.06

Whitening Plus Toothpaste – Cool Mint by Desert Essence – 0.05 oz – $0.06

Well – I am excited to give these samples a try.  I do wish they were a LITTLE bigger though!

Honey Organic Stinger Waffle by Honey Stinger – 1 waffle – $1.39

I love that Eco Emi sends out more then just beauty products!  These aren’t rated very well at REI (3 stars), but will give it a shot! Update – these are actually rated 4 stars at REI. Thanks CBIANCARDI!

PopResandEEApr14 020

Tropical Liquid Drink Mix by Organic Flavrz – 1 mix – $1.17

ooOO!  Can’t wait to give this a shot – totally taking to work tomorrow to mix in with my water!

Fortune Cookie Soap Bath Fizzy – 1 fiz – $2.48

I have many bath items laying around – but I love them all!  I think I just need to take more time to take baths!


Overall, I calculate my Eco Emi April 2014 Box to be worth ~$1723.  I DO love my Eco Emi box, but I wish the values were just a little higher…  I’m contemplating cancelling or upgrading to the annual subscription!  ha!  Talk about a swing in emotions there… but the boxes are only $12/month if I upgrade…  BUT if I cancel, I can give another subscription box a shot (been eyeing either Petit Vour or Goodebox).  What’s the crowd opinion?  I need help deciding!

March 2014 Eco Emi Review

My March 2014 Eco Emi box also showed up in the mail today, here’s what was inside:


 SRICandEEMar14 012

SRICandEEMar14 013


Eco Emi costs $15/month.


SRICandEEMar14 014

Red Popcorn by Kitts Kernel – 0.5 cup? – $1

We don’t usually make popcorn from scratch – but we do own a stir crazy popcorn maker – will have to try this sometime.

Almond Bar by Kuli Kuli – 1 bar – $2.89

The story behind this company is actually quite amazing – I recommend giving it a read on the link above 🙂

Shea Butter by Karitex – 200 g – $10

So I am not quite sure what to do with a block of shea butter… have to figure out how to best use this!

SRICandEEMar14 015

LA Fresh Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes – 1 wipe – $0.42

LA Fresh Nail Polish Remover Pads – 1 pad – $0.42

I have used the LA Fresh brand before from hotel supplied products – but didn’t realize they were eco friendly!

Dawn Lip Gloss by Purely You Minerals – 1 tube (FULL SIZE) – $8

The “dawn” color is supposed to be good for a “natural” look – so this MAY get used.. however, I just seem to constantly get lip glosses/balms and can’t use them all!

2N1 Lip Therapy and Cuticle Treatment by the Lano Company – 1 tube (FULL SIZE) – $5

Again – so many lip balms!  Although, this product DOES have an alternative use!


Overall, I calculate my Eco Emi March 2014 Box to be worth ~$27.  I DO love my Eco Emi box, but I think it tends to get overshadowed by my Saffron Rouge Inner Circle which appears to arrive around the same time every month!

February 2014 Eco Emi Review

My February 2014 Eco Emi box also showed up in the mail the other day, here’s what was inside:


 EEFeb2014 001

EEFeb2014 003


Eco Emi costs $15/month.


EEFeb2014 004

Tea Light Candles by Goodlight Natural Candles – 6 pack – $2.49

I use tea lights quite a bit for tart burners – never really thought about looking for an eco-friendly version!

All Natural Hummus by Wild Garden – 1 pack – $0.86

I love that they include more then just beauty items in their box!

EEFeb2014 006

Organic Hairspray by Aubrey Organics – 1 oz – $2

Haven’t tried this yet – but I do like the idea of organic hairspray!  Awesome travel size too!  Will be bringing this with me on vacation!

Vegan Lip Balm by Jersey Shore Sun in Winter mint – FULL SIZE – $5

This balm is quite minty!  Kind of makes me want a mojito… but perhaps I am just OVER this winter…

Lavish Face Mask by Blissoma – sample size – $3.50

I’m not big on face masks, but this product gets AMAZING reviews.  May have to make myself give it a try!

EEFeb2014 007

Eyelash Conditioner by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques – FULL SIZE – $10

I’ve never heard of lash conditioner before – curious to see how this works!

Chocolate Vanilla Paste by Premier Organics – 1 pouch – $1.35

Appears this product isn’t available on their website yet?  Nevertheless, husband will be sampling this as well!


Overall, I calculate my Eco Emi February 2014 Box to be worth ~$25.  Loved this months box, excited to try some of the products that are new to me (i.e., lash conditioner!)  Also, glad to see only one chocolate item (especially since it was a February box..)

Natural Flower Power Review

I received a sample of the Natural Flower Power Cleaner in Lavender in my January 2014 Eco Emi Review, however I wasn’t very excited with the scent.  I was contacted a short time later by the owner of the company offering to send a sample of the lemongrass cleaner for me to try!  Of course I said yes!

Natural Flower Power quickly sent me out not just a sample of the lemongrass cleaner to try, but a FULL SIZE of the Lemongrass Cleaner, a FULL SIZE of the Citrus & Spice Cleaner and a FULL SIZE of the Lemongrass Natural Air Freshener!  I couldn’t wait for my package to arrive!

The Box:

Feb14HCGandBBMreview 010

Unfortunately, one of the cleaners was damaged during shipment – the Lemongrass of course 😦  I would recommend to the company to add a seal to the bottles and/or adding bubble wrap to their packaging!  The plastic lid was no match to our cold MN winters and crazy postal drivers 🙂

The Products:

Feb14HCGandBBMreview 033Feb14HCGandBBMreview 032

Natural Flower Power Lemongrass Cleaner – FULL SIZE – $7.99

I was sad that this sample was damaged during shipping – but I did get to smell how amazing it was all over the packaging!  I do hope the company improves their packaging a little (the products were wrapped in some paper inside a box).  I can totally see myself buying this once our current cleaning supplies run out.

Natural Flower Power Citrus & Spice Cleaner – FULL SIZE – $7.99

I tried this sample on the kitchen counter tops and have to say I’m impressed!  While I’m  more of a soap and suds kind of girl for cleaning counters, I think I can convince Husband to use this for “quick cleanups”!  Works much better then just a damp rag!  I have to say lemongrass is by far my favorite scent, but this one wasn’t bad (good product for the kitchen!)  However, the spices were a little strong for my nose – it cleared my sinuses – but the Husband enjoyed.

Natural Flower Power Lemongrass Natural Air Freshener – FULL SIZE – $3.99

I was really happy that this product was in the package, especially after the Lemongrass cleaner didn’t make it!  I sprayed some of this in the dog room, and I’m in love!!  I have tried other products (most recently Caldrea’s room freshener in Sweet Pea) – but this seemed to do a much better job and I like the scent SO much better!!

The Verdict:

Overall, I’m very impressed with Natural Flower Power’s line of products and am especially in love with the lemongrass scent!!!

I can’t wait to see what this company comes up with next – it sounds like the company started out with natural carpet cleaner – where do I get some of that?!

January 2014 Eco Emi Review

My January 2014 Eco Emi box also showed up in the mail today!!


SRICandEEJan14 001

SRICandEEJan14 002


Eco Emi costs $15/month.


SRICandEEJan14 004

Foam Bath by Aura Cacia– 2.5 oz – $3.29

I have quite the pile of bath additives, I think the world is trying to tell me something…

Dark Chocolate Squares by Sweet Riot– 4 squares – $1.33

I am guessing over the next month (with Valentine’s themes) I will be receiving a lot of chocolate.  *sigh*  Guess these will keep the Husband happy!

Lip Gloss by Marie Natie in Love Struck – 2 ml (?) – $4.50

The consistency of this lip gloss is quite amazing – not sticky at all, and it smells really good!  However, the color I received isn’t quite right for me (too bright).

SRICandEEJan14 006

Evenly Radiant Brightening by Dermae Cleanser– 0.12 oz of cleanser ($0.31), 0.12 oz night cream ($1.68), and 0.06 oz of eye cream ($3.35) – $5.34

I think January must be the month of cleansers.  I have so many to try it’s ridiculous.

Chocolate Raspberry Candle by Natures Natural – 0.5 oz – $0.85

Not in love with this scent, but I do love the little travel size candle!  May have to try some of the other scents they have.

African Black Soap Acne & Razor Bump Kit – trial size – $5.97

This is supposed to help with acne and razor bumps!  How does Eco Emi find this stuff?? Excited to try 🙂

SRICandEEJan14 008

Aquanatural Sponges – 1 sponge – $1.11

I just got a sponge in my Saffron Rouge Inner Circle box and have to say that sponge seems a lot nicer then this one… May just use this for cleaning or something?  Seems like it’s multipurpose.

Natural Flower Power All Purpose Cleaner in Lavender – 2 oz – $1.33

I kind of wish I would have gotten the lemongrass or citrus scents; but nevertheless, I’ll find a use for this I’m sure!


Overall, I calculate my Eco Emi January 2014 Box to be worth ~$23.  I keep hoping for a little more value out of Eco Emi (especially compared to my Saffron Rouge), but I LOVE how they find unknown products!  I always find myself stalking the shops they find on Etsy!