Bluum November 2014 (3rd Trimester) Review

My November 2014 Bluum box arrived yesterday, here’s what was inside:


SubBoxesNov14 028

Bluum sent me an email the day my package was delivered letting me know all the products that were inside and associated costs!


Bluum costs $29 per month, $75 for 3 months ($25/month), $138 for 6 months ($23/month)

Bluum offers both pregnancy and boxes for children up to 4 years old and is tailored to your child’s age/pregnancy stage.

Bluum also has a rewards program!  You can earn 10 points for every review, and also get points for subscription referrals (500 points).  500 points is equal to a free box!


SubBoxesNov14 029

Pearhead Babyprints Keepsake – $12.95

This is super cute!! Does anyone know how old baby should be before you are able to make the print?  I suppose it probably says in the instructions…

SubBoxesNov14 031

Snapea Crisps – 3.3 oz – $2.19

Mmmm!  These things are quite delicious!! I’ve had them before and don’t mind getting more!

SubBoxesNov14 033

Skinfix Diaper Rash Balm – 0.28 oz – $1.19

This item contains no parabens, phthalates, or fragrances, and appears to have good reviews online!  I’d love to say I hope we never need, but I probably shouldn’t hold my breath on that one…

Babysoy USA Soft Mittens Set – $8

These are super cute also!  We already have one pair of these, but maybe more will come in handy!

SubBoxesNov14 034

Angel Dear Ring Rattle – $6

This is super cute too!! Will be adding to the toy pile 🙂

Under the Nile Gnome – $4

Ok this one is a little creepy, but I like the mission of the company!


I paid $29 for my Bluum box and received approximately $34 worth of product!  I’m sad that this box didn’t have a little higher value (last month’s was much better!) but I’ll use (or think I’ll use) everything in the box!  I can’t wait to see what I get next month!

This post contains referral links!


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