Bluum November 2014 (3rd Trimester) Review

My November 2014 Bluum box arrived yesterday, here’s what was inside:


SubBoxesNov14 028

Bluum sent me an email the day my package was delivered letting me know all the products that were inside and associated costs!


Bluum costs $29 per month, $75 for 3 months ($25/month), $138 for 6 months ($23/month)

Bluum offers both pregnancy and boxes for children up to 4 years old and is tailored to your child’s age/pregnancy stage.

Bluum also has a rewards program!  You can earn 10 points for every review, and also get points for subscription referrals (500 points).  500 points is equal to a free box!


SubBoxesNov14 029

Pearhead Babyprints Keepsake – $12.95

This is super cute!! Does anyone know how old baby should be before you are able to make the print?  I suppose it probably says in the instructions…

SubBoxesNov14 031

Snapea Crisps – 3.3 oz – $2.19

Mmmm!  These things are quite delicious!! I’ve had them before and don’t mind getting more!

SubBoxesNov14 033

Skinfix Diaper Rash Balm – 0.28 oz – $1.19

This item contains no parabens, phthalates, or fragrances, and appears to have good reviews online!  I’d love to say I hope we never need, but I probably shouldn’t hold my breath on that one…

Babysoy USA Soft Mittens Set – $8

These are super cute also!  We already have one pair of these, but maybe more will come in handy!

SubBoxesNov14 034

Angel Dear Ring Rattle – $6

This is super cute too!! Will be adding to the toy pile 🙂

Under the Nile Gnome – $4

Ok this one is a little creepy, but I like the mission of the company!


I paid $29 for my Bluum box and received approximately $34 worth of product!  I’m sad that this box didn’t have a little higher value (last month’s was much better!) but I’ll use (or think I’ll use) everything in the box!  I can’t wait to see what I get next month!

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21 Bundles Month 7 (November 2014) Review

My Month 7 21 Bundles box arrived this past weekend, here’s what was inside:


SubBoxesNov14 020

This month I didn’t receive the “what’s inside” paper, but I did receive the “month” sticker, but it’s a newer design.  I don’t like this one as much, but fortunately I got a box of month stickers for my shower from my sister-in-law (which is what I was originally planning on using these for)!


21 Bundles costs $39.99 per month, $109.99 for 3 months ($36.66/month), or $209.99 for 6 months ($35/month).

21 Bundles catch is they deliver hand selected natural products tailored to your stage of pregnancy and the first year of your baby’s life.  9 months pregnancy + 12 months = 21 bundles!

Use coupon code “sustainable15″ for 15% off a new subscribers first bundle!  That’s right, my very own coupon code! 🙂  I hope you readers out there can use it!


SubBoxesNov14 021

Andalou Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner – 340 ml each (FULL SIZE) – $9.95 each = $19.90

I was a little disappointed when I opened this month’s box and saw another “shower” box… (similar to Month 2), but that being said, I do have to say the shampoo and conditioner I received in Month 2 is basically gone.  I just already bought some new stuff at the store to replace it with!  Thankfully they didn’t send the same brand (as I didn’t love the first product).  We’ll see how I like this one…

SubBoxesNov14 023

Ecotools Ecopouf Mini Sponge –  $1.29

I really like the Ecotools brand, and will throw this in the shower for future use!

Mambino Organics Moroccan Clay Face Scrub – 2.2 oz (FULL SIZE) – $14

I really like the body wash I received in this brand, so excited to see how the face scrub goes!

Acure Clarifying Body Wash – 8 fl oz (FULL SIZE) – $9.99

Again, will put this in the shower and see how I like it!

SubBoxesNov14 026

Acure Shampoo and Conditioner – 2 fl oz each – $2.50 each = $5 total

This is the same brand of shampoo and conditioner I received in my Month 2 box, which I didn’t really love.  Granted it was a different formula, but I’m not going to hold my breath that I will love this…


I paid $40 for my 21 Bundles box and received approximately $50 worth of product.  I was a little disappointed in the theme of this month’s box.  Everything just seemed repetitive (even though there are different brands).  I’m sure I’ll use everything, but I’m really on the fence if I’ll keep this subscription right now…  It’s gotten to the point where I’d just rather go to the store and pick out brands myself, especially if I’m just going to get repeat stuff.

Winter 2014 Yuzen Box Review

My Winter 2014 Yuzen Box arrived this month – here’s what was inside:


SubBoxesNov14 005


Yuzen costs $33/box and boxes are shipped quarterly.


SubBoxesNov14 007

Essence of Vali Sleep – 0.02 fl oz – $2.16

I think I’ll pass this onto a friend – there’s a warning about using if pregnant…

Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub – 1 fl oz – $3.75

I’ve used this a couple times and I actually really like it!  I was afraid that I would break out as it feels like it would be harsh, but good so far!

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye Cream – 5 ml – $13

I am not good at using eye creams, so will pass this onto a friend also!

Cowgirl Extreme C Serum – 10 ml?? – $24

I won’t be using this item either… not good at using serums either…

SubBoxesNov14 010

Salus Shower Bombs – 2 bombs – $2.25 each or $4.50 total

I like using shower bombs when I remember!  These will go in my jar for future use!

ZENTS Mandarin Soap – 1 bar – $12

I swear I have so much soap… I guess I just don’t use it as fast as I seam to receive it!

JJ’s Sweets Chocolate-Covered Cocomels with Sea Salt – 1 oz – $1.73

Husband got to eat these.  His exact words, “YUM!”


My Winter 2014 Yuzen box was worth approximately $61 and I paid $33! This was probably one of my least favorite boxes as there were several items I wasn’t that excited about, but past boxes have been a huge hit for me, so will just chalk this one up to a miss for me!

November 2014 Birchbox Man Review

Husband’s November 2014 Birchbox Man contained the following items:


SubBoxesNov14 011

SubBoxesNov14 013


Men’s Subscription ($20/Month):  Grooming products and accessories ranging from socks to tech accessories


Overview of his box from Birchbox:

SubBoxesNov14 015

Alternative Apparel Basic Crew T-shirt – $28

This shirt was too small for Husband – but it’s a really nice T-shirt (super soft) so I will be wearing it for a sleep shirt!!

SubBoxesNov14 018

Davines Naturaltech Rebalancing Shampoo – 100 ml – $10.20

I really like the Davines brand (as does Husband) so this product is a win for both of us 🙂

Do The Right Thing Face to Face Foam Cleanser – 15 ml – $2.30

Husband really likes this cleaner too (he got a chance to sample before my review since I’m posting so late!)

Hanz de Fuko Sponge Wax – 0.25 oz? – $2?

Husband hasn’t gotten around to trying this yet, but I know he really likes the claymation hair stuff they make!

Clark’s Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream – 0.1 oz? – $7?

Husband hasn’t tried this either.  I think he might be scared that he’ll like it too much as it’s SUPER expensive!


The overall value of Husband’s November 2014 Birchbox Man was approximately $50 for his $20 subscription.  I know he doesn’t get to enjoy the highest value item in the box (the t-shirt), but I don’t think he minds passing it to me since a lot of my sleep shirts don’t fit anymore!!

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