Bluum October 2014 (2nd Trimester) Review

My first Bluum box arrived this past weekend, here’s what was inside:


SubBoxesOct14 003

Bluum sent me an email the day my package was delivered letting me know all the products that were inside and associated costs!


Bluum costs $29 per month, $75 for 3 months ($25/month), $138 for 6 months ($23/month)

Bluum offers both pregnancy and boxes for children up to 4 years old and is tailored to your child’s age/pregnancy stage.

Bluum also has a rewards program!  You can earn 10 points for every review, and also get points for subscription referrals (500 points).  500 points is equal to a free box!


Better Basics Striped Teething Tomato – $8

This toy is a little confusing to me, as it reminds me more of a dog toy then a baby toy!  I guess it’s made from organic cotton, so that’s good!  Who knows if the baby or dog will end up with it though! ha!  It’s in the baby toy box now, but I can totally see the dog stealing it!

Loralin Designs Baby Visitors Guest Book – $30

Ooo!! I really like this!! It has spaces inside for visitors, date, “how do I look”, and “wishes and wisdom”.  It also doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of pages, so I’m glad of that (won’t look too empty if only a few people fill out!)

Healthy Mama Boost it up! – 12 fl oz – $3.49

This is a pregnancy energy drink!  Basically made with a bunch of vitamins and none of the stuff you can’t have while pregnant!  I’m sure I’ll find a time before too long where I’ll “need” this for a pick me up!

Jellystone Designs Silicone Jewellery Organic Bangle – $15

I think this is a really cute idea; however, I’m not a huge jewelry person, so can’t really see myself using this.  Will likely pass onto a friend or swap.


I paid $29 for my Bluum box and received approximately $56 worth of product!  I love the variety of products too!  I’m super impressed with my first Bluum box and can’t wait to see what’s in next months box!!  Do you subscribe to Bluum?  What’d you get this month??

This post contains referral links!


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