July/August 2014 Ecocentric Mom “Mom-to-Be” Review

My first Ecocentric Mom “Mom-to-Be” box arrived this past week – here’s what was inside!


EMJulAug14 002

The box also comes with a card describing what was all included in the box – and best yet? They have the prices included also!  Although, upon further review, I have to question their pricing just a little…

EMJulAug14 003EMJulAug14 004


Ecocentric Mom costs $24 every-other month.  They offer a “Mom” box, a “Mom-to-Be” box, and a “Baby” box!  Right now I am subscribed for the “mom-to-be” but if I hold onto this subscription, I will switch to “baby” closer to the due date!

Their boxes ship in January, March, May, July, September & November.


EMJulAug14 006

Aromaflage Botanical Fragrance & Insect Repellent – 1 ml – $1.30

So I already received a sample of this in another subscription box.  And I don’t know about other pregnant people out there, but I haven’t been able to wear perfume for awhile now.  So find it kind of funny that this was in a “mom-to-be” box!  I do like the concept of this product though, so will likely try at some point!

Belly Balm by Bears Beauty – 0.33 oz – $4.62

I’m pretty excited to give this product a try!  It’s actually quite expensive ($14 for 1 oz), so I’m hoping it works well!

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Creme Foundation – 3 color stacker – ~$3

Ugh.  This is the THIRD stacker I have received of this same foundation.  Again, I will be in the same boat of “mixing” the colors to try to get something close to my skin tone, which means I would still have no clue what to order in the long run.  For the sake of headache, I will probably just swap this and hope someone else has better luck then me.  I suppose that’s the problem with subscribing to multiple different subscription boxes is that you are bound to get repeats.  But at the same time, I still hate when it happens, especially when the product was frustrating to begin with!

Savannah Red Lip Balm – 1 tube – $2.99

The curse of the lip balm is back!  I think I could apply lip balm every hour for the rest of my life and still not run out.  OK, maybe I’m exaggerating slightly, but I am just not a huge lip balm person.

EMJulAug14 008

Water Wipes All-Natural Baby Wipes – 10 wipe travel pack – $0.99

These wipes have amazing reviews online – and a seriously crazy ingredient list (99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract)!  I’m not even certain how that’s possible!  The curiosity might get the best of me to open these to see what they are like before baby comes!

Sample Personalized Cards  and Stationary from eInvite – 5 cards with envelopes – ~$4.80

These cards are actually quite awesome!  I will likely use them for thank you cards for baby gifts 🙂  and I’m already stalking the site for all of the other products they have!!

Bathtime Baby Hair and Body Wash – 3 oz – $7.50

It’s starting to hit me that I’m going to have to start organizing all of the baby stuff that is rolling in!  It doesn’t help that we haven’t really started setting up the nursery… Anyway, SUPER excited for this item!  It was even listed on the info card, which is odd, since it’s one of the higher value items in the box!

EMJulAug14 009

Yogavive Apple Chips – 40 g bag – $4.49

Husband will have to eat these, which is sad, since other then the chocolate, they looked good!!

“Summer Herb Garden Savory Spice” from the Natural Suburban – Sample (~1 oz) – $1.50?

This herb blend smells amazing!  I can’t help but want to mix with some sour cream and mayo to make a veggie dip!  I know, not very creative, but … whatever!

EMJulAug14 011

“Need a Little Sunshine in My Day Tea” from the Natural Suburban – sample (~1.5 oz) – $1?

Ironically, I was really liking tea until getting pregnant.  Now the thought of it just turns me off somehow (it could be the summer too I guess?)  I will add this to the tea pile and likely try at some point – it just may take me a few months!

Happy Baby Meal Time Board Book – $9.95

Oi – I realize this is a children’s book, but I think I may actually have to gouge my eyes out if I had to read this thing over and over again!!  I pray that there are better books out there…


I paid $24 for my Ecocentric Mom “Mom-to-Be” box and received approximately $42 worth of product!  Granted, I didn’t love everything in the box, but that was OK since the value was more then what I paid!  I loved that even though this is a “mom-to-be” box, there is actually baby products in it too (makes me more excited for what’s to come!)  I actually wish this box was a monthly box, as I can’t wait for the next box to show up in September!!