The Barber (July 2014) Bespoke Post Review

Husband’s July 2014 Bespoke Post “The Barber” box arrived the other day – here’s what was inside:


 July boxes2 028


$45/Month (can opt out any month)


 July boxes2 030

Double Edge Safety Razor by Standard Razors – $79

So Husband has been shaving with a safety razor for quite a while now (about a year?) and he also has a “Guide to Gourmet Shaving” book that has officially made it’s rounds with ALL of his friends – which they all shave with safety razors now too!  He went down this route due to problems with razor burn caused by the “5-blade” razors.

Anyway – in the book the guy (the author?) uses this razor.  So even though he had a safety razor, he opted for this month’s box anyway.  He shaved with this razor for the first time this morning, and I swear it was like watching a kid in a candy shop!  He absolutely loved it!  I don’t know much about safety razors, but apparently this one is the bee’s knees!  So with this one item alone, he more then got his value out of the box!

Razor Blades – (2) 5 packs – $2

So this is another great part about safety razors, the blades are SUPER cheap!  I didn’t add a link above, but just go to Amazon and search!  When Husband started out on this journey we bought him a HUGE mixed pack of all different types of blades so he could figure out which ones he likes best (everyone’s hair is different so ones he loves his friends hate, and vice versa).  I think he still has a bunch of those left (and not sure if these are repeats), but I know he’ll at least try them!

Gentleman Jon Alum Block – $6

This is actually something Husband doesn’t have yet for shaving, so I think he was pretty excited!  He doesn’t knick himself often, but it does happen – the alum block is meant to help stop bleeding by closing up your pores.

July boxes2 033

Elizabeth Street Shaving Cream – 2 oz – $12

Husband switches it up all the time between creams and soaps.  I honestly don’t know what he prefers?  He gets so many samples with his Birchbox Man, I think that’s why he does so much variation?  Nevertheless, this will get used too!

Barber Towel – $5?

I am not sure a brand on this towel, so totally guessing on price.  Again this is something that Husband doesn’t have, so I’m curious to see how he likes it!  The hot towel is a staple of the “barber shop” experience.  I know they sell towel warmers (not that you need it) but thinking that’d be a good gift idea in the future if he loves this step!


Husband paid $45 and received approximately $104 worth of product for the July 2014 The Barber Bespoke Post!  I know he is over the moon with this month’s box and I would have to say based on his reaction, I would DEFINITELY recommend this box to any man in your life that isn’t happy with his normal shave routine!  The only items that aren’t included that I know H would recommend is a badger shaving brush (he has a ~$60 one that some guys in Wisconsin hand make, unfortunately I don’t know the brand off hand – anyway, he LOVES that one – the previous one he had kept shedding like crazy), some after shave oil (again, not sure which brand, but I know that is something he loves using), and of course, the infamous Guide to Gourmet Shaving book.  You will be their hero.

This has quickly become one of Husband’s favorite boxes and I know he can’t wait to see what boxes Bespoke Post releases next month!

Note: This post contains referral links!


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