June 2014 HeroDogBox Review

Daisy’s HeroDogBox arrived a week or so ago.  This review is for the “small” dog box (0-20 lbs).  Even though our dog is ~28 lbs, we decided to go with the small version due to toy size (the next step up was medium 20-50 lbs).


Each box “sponsors” a dog  or organization that helps dogs in need – this month’s was Katie – a 1.5 yo Aussie/Retriever Mix.

July boxes 008


HeroDogBox costs:

1 Month – $29/month with free shipping
3 Months – $24/month with free shipping (17% discount)
6 Months – $19/month with free shipping (34% discount)


 July boxes 010

Tuffy Toys Jr Fish – $8.50

This is the closest toy that we’ve received that Daisy has shown a little interest in – she hasn’t played with YET, but maybe someday soon…

Vivamune Health Chews for Small Dogs – 30 chews (Full Size!)– $19.95

These chews are meant to promote joint + skin + gut… the only problem – we received the same product in March’s box… Daisy does enjoy them, but I would have liked a little more variety.

July boxes 011

My Skinny Pet Treats Soft Tender Jerky – 5.5 oz (Full Size!) – $5.99

I’m sure Daisy will gobble these up…

Kona’s Chips Out of Control Peanut Butter Cookies – 8 oz (Full Size!) – $5.49

Now these are more like it – these are made from all human grade ingredients, which I can read all of!  Much better then the previous two treats!


We paid $19 for this box (with a 6 month subscription) and received approximately $40 worth of goodies! I would have liked a little more variety (maybe one item that wasn’t treats/toys as have received in previous boxes), but I’m sure Daisy is perfectly happy with all the treats!


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