Bespoke Post Bask (June 2014) Review

Husband’s June 2014 Bespoke Post “Bask” box arrived last week – here’s what was inside:


 July boxes 013


$45/Month (can opt out any month)


 July boxes 014

Go Throw Linen Blanket – $125

This blanket was definitely the reason we got this month’s box!  Note it’s not folded the nicest as it has already been unfolded and used! 🙂  Amazing!  The blanket folds up super small and lightweight, but is a generous 6.75′ x 4.25′ in size!

 July boxes 015

Checkers/Chess Kit – $20?

Haven’t used this kit yet, and not really sure that we will, but doesn’t really matter as the blanket more then made up the value of this box!


We paid $45 and received approximately $145 worth of product for the June 2014 Bask Bespoke Post!  Love this month’s box!!

Note: This post contains referral links!


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