June 2014 Saffron Rouge Inner Circle Review

My June 2014 Saffron Rouge Inner Circle arrived yesterday!  Here’s what was inside:


SRIC21BJun14 009


What is Saffron Rouge’s Inner Circle?  According to their website, “Receive a beautiful package of deluxe samples from various leading and upcoming organic beauty brands from around the world.  These self indulgent little packages include premium samples and an informative letter describing each of your treats.  The best part is that you also receive a discount code to save on your favorite full sized versions from the package.”

Saffron Rouge’s Inner Circle costs $24.99/month.


 SRIC21BJun14 010

Primavera Energizing Ginger Lime Hand Cream – 1.7 fl oz (FULL SIZE) – $24

This lotion smells amazing – and it works great too!! Definitely a fan!!

W3ll People Bio Extreme Lip Gloss – 5 g (FULL SIZE) – $23.50

I love the W3ll People brand – but I’m not the biggest fan of lip glosses (I just don’t use them that often!)  I still have the previous W3ll People gloss in my purse – so will likely end up swapping this one.

SRIC21BJun14 012

The Body Deli Body Lotion in Jasmine – 2 oz – $9.50

Ah – I guess some people got coconut scent instead of jasmine – wish I would have gotten that instead!  The Jasmine scent is OK – but I love coconut!  Anyway, I swear I can never get enough lotion, so know I will use this sample!

ilike Lemon Cleansing Milk – 10 ml? – $2

I received a similar cleansing milk in a previous S.R. box, and liked it enough – this’ll get used.

Vapour Aura Multi Use Blush in Mystic – Sample

I am actually a little disappointed in this sample size – generally S.R. does better – but considering I already got two full size products in this month’s box, I’ll let it slide!  I’ve never used a cream blush before – so it should be interesting to try!  Also, I find it hilarious that the color I received they don’t even sell on their website.


I paid $24.99 for this month’s box and received approximately $59 worth of product!  I feel like there was less samples this month, but with two full size products, I’m not going to complain!  I also am noticing a lot of repeat brands in Saffron Rouge, but generally speaking I don’t mind.  I do wish they’d send more Dr. Hauschka though!

Saffron Rouge does not have a referral program, but they do have a rewards program:  if you click “Customer Service” on the bottom, then “Rewards Program”, and then “Check your Balance” you can see your current rewards.  Each Saffron Rouge Inner Circle Box is worth 75 points, and each review you write is worth 25 points.  It takes 2,750 points for a $50 gift card, so each box nets you $1.36 in points and each review gives you $0.45 in points.  Definitely not the best rewards system, but it DOES exist!


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