June 2014 Wantable Intimates Review

Hm – my Wantable Intimates took five days to ship this month.  Last month – it arrived the day after I received a shipping notification.  Not sure if they switched up the shipping service, but I definitely want last months’ company back – I mean, it’s only shipping from one state over – five days?  That’s ridiculous.


WIJune14 009

So, the best part about Wantable Intimates?  You get to basically customize what you are going to receive!  You are most likely to get products you “love” and will never receive products you “dislike”!  And you can change your survey each month to customize your experience!  For this month, I added “soft bras” and removed “panties” since I received two pairs of them last month.


Wantable Intimates costs $36/month for monthly subscription or $40 for a one time box.  You can cancel at any time OR skip a month if you so choose!


WIJune14 002

St. Eve Night Shirt – $32

I’m on the fence on this item.  I’ve never wore sleep shirts before, but maybe it’s because I’ve never owned one before!  I’m leaning towards I’ll give this a shot and see if I like it!

WIJune14 003

Eighty One Enterprises Falling For You Babydoll (with free thong) – $30

Totally not me.  I don’t wear babydolls (have a few that just sit in the bottom of the drawer…)  I do wish Wantable would update their quiz for “loungewear” and “lingerie” to be two different items, because apparently they are the same thing to them.

WIJune14 004

Pucker Up! Emily Flyaway Babydoll – $34

Again – another babydoll.  Really, two in one box?  How about a soft bra instead?

WIJune14 006

Pima Apparel Pima Slub Tank – $12

OK – I LOVE this tank top.  Really, it’s perfect!  It just kills me that the only thing I truly loved this month was $12!


I paid $36 for my June 2014 Wantable Intimates box and received $108 worth of product!  The value of this box is just insane, but unfortunately, they didn’t do too well with matching me with items I like this month.  Again, I’ll say I wish they would split up “loungewear” and “lingerie” on their quiz… To be perfectly honest, I’m on the fence on whether or not I’ll even keep this month’s box.  I LOVE the tank, and think I will maybe use the sleep shirt… I think I need to sit on it a few days and then decided whether the $12 top is worth keeping the $36 box.  Ha!  Granted, I can always trade the items I don’t love…

So I loved my first month’s box and this month was just a miss for me.  I know I’ll give Wantable Intimates another shot though!  I saw some reviews for items other people received in their boxes this month, and some of them were totally up my alley!  Again, I just think I’ll chock this up to a miss (and maybe decide to return it altogether).

Note: This post contains referral links!


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