June 2014 Saffron Rouge Inner Circle Review

My June 2014 Saffron Rouge Inner Circle arrived yesterday!  Here’s what was inside:


SRIC21BJun14 009


What is Saffron Rouge’s Inner Circle?  According to their website, “Receive a beautiful package of deluxe samples from various leading and upcoming organic beauty brands from around the world.  These self indulgent little packages include premium samples and an informative letter describing each of your treats.  The best part is that you also receive a discount code to save on your favorite full sized versions from the package.”

Saffron Rouge’s Inner Circle costs $24.99/month.


 SRIC21BJun14 010

Primavera Energizing Ginger Lime Hand Cream – 1.7 fl oz (FULL SIZE) – $24

This lotion smells amazing – and it works great too!! Definitely a fan!!

W3ll People Bio Extreme Lip Gloss – 5 g (FULL SIZE) – $23.50

I love the W3ll People brand – but I’m not the biggest fan of lip glosses (I just don’t use them that often!)  I still have the previous W3ll People gloss in my purse – so will likely end up swapping this one.

SRIC21BJun14 012

The Body Deli Body Lotion in Jasmine – 2 oz – $9.50

Ah – I guess some people got coconut scent instead of jasmine – wish I would have gotten that instead!  The Jasmine scent is OK – but I love coconut!  Anyway, I swear I can never get enough lotion, so know I will use this sample!

ilike Lemon Cleansing Milk – 10 ml? – $2

I received a similar cleansing milk in a previous S.R. box, and liked it enough – this’ll get used.

Vapour Aura Multi Use Blush in Mystic – Sample

I am actually a little disappointed in this sample size – generally S.R. does better – but considering I already got two full size products in this month’s box, I’ll let it slide!  I’ve never used a cream blush before – so it should be interesting to try!  Also, I find it hilarious that the color I received they don’t even sell on their website.


I paid $24.99 for this month’s box and received approximately $59 worth of product!  I feel like there was less samples this month, but with two full size products, I’m not going to complain!  I also am noticing a lot of repeat brands in Saffron Rouge, but generally speaking I don’t mind.  I do wish they’d send more Dr. Hauschka though!

Saffron Rouge does not have a referral program, but they do have a rewards program:  if you click “Customer Service” on the bottom, then “Rewards Program”, and then “Check your Balance” you can see your current rewards.  Each Saffron Rouge Inner Circle Box is worth 75 points, and each review you write is worth 25 points.  It takes 2,750 points for a $50 gift card, so each box nets you $1.36 in points and each review gives you $0.45 in points.  Definitely not the best rewards system, but it DOES exist!


June 2014 Wantable Intimates Review

Hm – my Wantable Intimates took five days to ship this month.  Last month – it arrived the day after I received a shipping notification.  Not sure if they switched up the shipping service, but I definitely want last months’ company back – I mean, it’s only shipping from one state over – five days?  That’s ridiculous.


WIJune14 009

So, the best part about Wantable Intimates?  You get to basically customize what you are going to receive!  You are most likely to get products you “love” and will never receive products you “dislike”!  And you can change your survey each month to customize your experience!  For this month, I added “soft bras” and removed “panties” since I received two pairs of them last month.


Wantable Intimates costs $36/month for monthly subscription or $40 for a one time box.  You can cancel at any time OR skip a month if you so choose!


WIJune14 002

St. Eve Night Shirt – $32

I’m on the fence on this item.  I’ve never wore sleep shirts before, but maybe it’s because I’ve never owned one before!  I’m leaning towards I’ll give this a shot and see if I like it!

WIJune14 003

Eighty One Enterprises Falling For You Babydoll (with free thong) – $30

Totally not me.  I don’t wear babydolls (have a few that just sit in the bottom of the drawer…)  I do wish Wantable would update their quiz for “loungewear” and “lingerie” to be two different items, because apparently they are the same thing to them.

WIJune14 004

Pucker Up! Emily Flyaway Babydoll – $34

Again – another babydoll.  Really, two in one box?  How about a soft bra instead?

WIJune14 006

Pima Apparel Pima Slub Tank – $12

OK – I LOVE this tank top.  Really, it’s perfect!  It just kills me that the only thing I truly loved this month was $12!


I paid $36 for my June 2014 Wantable Intimates box and received $108 worth of product!  The value of this box is just insane, but unfortunately, they didn’t do too well with matching me with items I like this month.  Again, I’ll say I wish they would split up “loungewear” and “lingerie” on their quiz… To be perfectly honest, I’m on the fence on whether or not I’ll even keep this month’s box.  I LOVE the tank, and think I will maybe use the sleep shirt… I think I need to sit on it a few days and then decided whether the $12 top is worth keeping the $36 box.  Ha!  Granted, I can always trade the items I don’t love…

So I loved my first month’s box and this month was just a miss for me.  I know I’ll give Wantable Intimates another shot though!  I saw some reviews for items other people received in their boxes this month, and some of them were totally up my alley!  Again, I just think I’ll chock this up to a miss (and maybe decide to return it altogether).

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June 2014 Birchbox Review

My June 2014 Birchbox arrived today – here’s what was inside:


(I got box #42 – how do you tell?  Log in to birchbox and scroll down to the box history, click the link and the last one or two digits (https://www.birchbox.com/shop/birchbox-1/june-2014/june-2014-bb42) are the box number – you can see all of the other boxes by changing this number!)

 BBJune14 002

BBJune14 004


$10/Month with month-by-month 

or $9.17/Month with annual subscription ($110 – one month free!) 


 BBJune14 010

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner – 0.03 oz – $12

I really don’t have a use for this – will end up swapping.  Much prefer my all natural eyeliner.

Antica Farmacista Bath & Shower Wash – 1.5 fl oz? (not marked) – $3.75

I’m sure I’ll use this, but again, wish it was from their ingredient friendly line…

Perlier Body Cream – 1 fl oz – $4.25

*sigh* another item that isn’t “ingredient” friendly.  and I love lotion.  so conflicted….

COOLA Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face – 0.17 fl oz – $3.60

Ah – finally a product that nods toward natural!  I’ve actually tried COOLA before and loved it – so this sample is happily received!

 BBJune14 009

nyakio™ Kenyan Coffee Face Polish – 0.07 oz – $0.70

A coffee face polish sounds like it might be a nice wake you up in the morning!  This is made with Kenyan coffee and natural oils!

nyakio™ Kenyan Coffee Body Scrub – 0.25 oz – $1.31

And a coffee body scrub!  I’m going to be bouncing off the walls – LOL!  This formula is loaded with natural ingredients like shea butter, sugar, jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, and, of course, Kenyan coffee beans!

nyakio™ Hydrating Face Oil With Kola Nut – 0.07 oz – $3.43

Husband actually received a face oil in one of his previous boxes that he loves – so I will probably end up giving this to him to enjoy!


I estimate the value of my June 2014 Birchbox at approximately $29!  I do wish that more of the items followed their product conscious items like last month.  Have to say the value is way up there though!

What did you get in your June 2014 Birchbox?

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June 2014 Goodebox Review

My June 2014 Goodebox arrived in the mail today!  Here’s what was inside:


GoodeboxJune14 004


$18/month and you can sign up for either monthly or bi-monthly membership


GoodeboxJune14 005

Blum Daily Cleansing & Makeup Remover Towelettes – 10 ct – $3.49

Oh hilarious – I am currently using the Blum sensitive skin makeup remover wipes and I love them!  These are individually wrapped – so they will work great for traveling!

Beauty Without Cruelty Sweet Lavender Lotion – 2 oz – $1.62

I will never complain about getting lotion – especially when it’s of the natural variety!

GoodeboxJune14 006

Goodness Garden Organics Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 – 1 oz – $3.33

Ah!  Sunscreen is the second item I can never get enough of! 🙂

Neuth Creme pour Visage – 20 ml? – $15

Totally guessing on the size of this – the jar appears to be slightly larger then the 15 ml variety though – so I’m guessing 20 ml!  I put some on my face after cleaning and appears to be working without a problem (i.e., sensitivity).  We’ll see how it is in the morning!

Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant in Lavender – 0.25 oz – $1.12

This is hilarious item number two in this box – I’m currently using the unscented primal pit paste stick (http://primal-pit-paste.mybigcommerce.com/primal-pit-paste-stick-1/) and LOVE this!  It’s the only natural deodorant I’ve found that seems to work without the “funk” at the end of the day!  I’m not so certain I like the lavender scent of this (must prefer the unscented variation), but nevertheless love the product!  The best part???  I now have a 20% off coupon to use to stock up on the variation I love!!!!!!!!

Waxelene The Petroleum Jelly Alternative – 0.75 oz – $5

Hm – not really sure what I’ll use this for, but appears to be good for removing make-up (probably not), re-hydrating chapped hands (there we go!), cracked heels (yep!), hair split ends post sun exposure (huh?!), after shaving (maybe?), getting rings off (ha!) and etc!  Will likely go in the “lotion” pile.  I can just see using on my dry cracked heels mid summer (chacos like to beat up my feet!)


I paid $18 for my May 2014 Goodebox and received approximately $30 worth of product!  Not as high of a value as last month, but wow, talk about a box that I feel was made for me!  How funny that two of the products included are ones that I’m currently using and loving!  And love the coupon code that I now have to stock up on one of these products! 🙂

May 2014 HeroDogBox Review

Daisy’s HeroDogBox arrived in the mail yesterday!  This review is for the “small” dog box (0-20 lbs).  Even though our dog is ~28 lbs, we decided to go with the small version due to toy size (the next step up was medium 20-50 lbs).


Each box “sponsors” a dog  or organization that helps dogs in need – this month’s was Lucky Pup Dog Rescue in San Diego.

HDBMay14andMEMay14 001


HeroDogBox costs:

1 Month – $29/month with free shipping
3 Months – $24/month with free shipping (17% discount)
6 Months – $19/month with free shipping (34% discount)


 HDBMay14andMEMay14 004

PooBagger with bags – $29.95

So this is something that we definitely didn’t need, but nevertheless I can’t wait to use!  We usually have a rake and scoop and have to walk back and forth to the garbage can to empty – this seems like that’ll take care of that!  I’m really curious to see how much poo can be held within the bags.  They also sell an extension handle to use this with – and best part?  The company that makes these is like 15 miles away from us!  Going to try to see if I can pick up a handle locally!

HDBMay14andMEMay14 005

Jack and Izzy’s Gourmet Dog Treats – 1 peanut butter paw – $1

I’m sure Daisy will love this!

Petsport USA Mini Squido Toy – $4.99

This is the closest toy that Daisy has almost wanted to play with.. LOL maybe this means that someday we’ll get a plushy!

Scout & Zoe’s Chicken Jerky Dog Treats – 1.5 oz – $10.50

Both Daisy and our current foster gave these two huge paws up – they demolished the piece I gave them immediately!  The only thing that has me concerned is Daisy was acting a little funny this morning (which could have totally been she ate something in the yard as the foster is doing just fine), that being said, I’m going to hold off on giving them another try of this until I can be around to monitor for any reactions.  I can’t imagine it was the treats (basically just organic chicken dehydrated), but just to be on the safe side.


We paid $19 for this box (with a 6 month subscription) and received approximately $46 worth of goodies!!  I’m just going to consider last month’s box a miss, because I’m back to being impressed with this box!   And again, I love this company’s mission!

Nevertheless, let’s just say that Daisy can’t WAIT for the next HeroDogBox to come!