Juniperseed Merchantile Order Review

After receiving my Eco Emi Special Edition Cleaning Box, I started stocking one of the companies featured (Juniperseed Merchantile) and decided to place an order!

The Order:

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The Review:

Ecofriendly Washable Trio of Damp or Dry Mopping Pads – 3 pads – $10

I purchased these to replace the swiffer dry pads that I have been using for our hard floors – and they work great!  I used one this weekend and know these will be a permanent replacement for me!  Not sure if I’ll try them wet or not (we have a Norwex mop that I like to use for wet floors).  This also came with a free sample bottle of the floor cleaner concentrate!

Flannel Unpaper Towels – half a dozen 8″ x 10″ – $13

So far, these have been a hit!  We decided to use as napkins instead of paper towels (they are actually smaller then I thought they’d be) – but they are awesome for napkin replacements!  My only problem is we only have 6!  Ha!

Soothe Your Sniffer Peppermint and Eucalyptus Shea Butter – 1 oz – $5

Haven’t really used this item yet (that’s a good thing!) so don’t have much to say here!

Mineral Unscented Sunscreen – 4 oz – $14

 Haven’t tried this item yet either – but I’m sure I will as we get out more this summer! Update – I tried this item, and warning, it leaves a VERY prominent white coating everywhere.  Does not absorb into the skin at all.  I will still use this, just will need to make sure I only use it when I’m not planning on leaving the house for anything!  I can’t attest to how well it works, as I wiped it all off (more like scrubbed, it didn’t go easy) and put different sunscreen on (my legs were glowing with the white coating).

Ecofriendly Furniture Dusting Spray – 8 oz – $6

Used this dusting spray this weekend and LOVED it!  I actually purchased two of these, but they missed one in my first order – and email to the company and it was here like 2 days later!!  Amazing customer service! 🙂  But back to the dusting spray – amazing.  Seriously.  I shall never use pledge again!

The Extras Shown Above:

Floor Cleaner Concentrate – small bottle 

As stated above, received this with my floor cleaning pads!  I’m sure it’ll get used, just haven’t had the chance yet!

Sink and Tub Scrub – sample 

Haven’t tried this sample yet, but will be used the next time we clean the tub! 🙂

The Verdict:

I am in LOVE with everything that I’ve tried that I received in my order and am already stalking some other items on their site!  And the best part?  Free shipping over orders of $50+!  Highly recommend everyone to check out their site here!


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