Bespoke Post Detailed (May 2014) Review

Husband’s May 2014 Bespoke Post “Detailed” box arrived yesterday – here’s what was inside:


 BespokeDetailed 002


$45/Month (can opt out any month)

Right now they have a coupon code “LONELY” to save 30% off your first box!


 BespokeDetailed 004

Griot’s Car Wash – 8 oz – $4.50

Griot’s Speed Shine – 8 oz – $4.99

BespokeDetailed 007

Griot’s Premium Carnauba Paste Wax – 14 oz – $39.99

Griot’s Palm Grip Pad Holder and Red Foam Wax Pad – $9.99 + $4.33 = $14.32

BespokeDetailed 009

Griot’s Micro Fiber Wash Pad – $7.50

Griot’s Fiber Wax Removal Cloth (white) – $5.66

Griot’s Micro Fiber Speed Shine (blue) – $5.66


We paid $45 and received approximately $83 worth of product for the May 2014 Detailed Bespoke Post!  Plus I can’t wait until Husband uses all of this to wash my car (HA!)  Can’t wait to see what boxes Bespoke Post releases next month!

Note: This post contains referral links!


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