Summer 2014 Yuzen Box Review

My Summer 2014 Yuzen Box arrived today as part of Subscription Box Saturday – again FINALLY!  I hate that I seem to receive mine after everyone else, so it’s almost never a surprise (how can I avoid the other reviews?!)  Nevertheless, I still love what’s inside!


SubBoxSat 018


Yuzen costs $33/box and boxes are shipped quarterly.


SubBoxSat 019

Aromaflage Botanical Fragrance & Insect Repellent – 1 ml (?) – $1.30

No synthetic fragrances * No parabens or sodium laurel sulfate 

This is both a fragrance and insect repellent?!  What?!  Wow – totally will try this and may actually consider purchasing if it works!  Mosquitoes LOVE me – like.. LOVE me.  Husband says I’m the best repellent around, because they always bite me instead of him!

SEN CHA Naturals Pink Dragonfruit Mints – Full Size Tube – $2.95

Natural and organic ingredients * Sustainable Packaging

OOOOO these are YUMMY!!  The packaging took me a little while to figure out – but oh my they are good!

SubBoxSat 020

Shamanuti Seaweed Toner – 1 fl oz – $7

Organic and all-natural ingredients * Naturally preserved * Cruelty-free * No parabens, petroleum or sulfates

I’ll give this a try and hope that it doesn’t cause me to break out!  I seem to have bad luck with toners…

Kerstin Florian Lavender Body Spray – 1 fl oz – $12

Organic ingredients * Gluten and cruelty free * No synthetic fragrances * No sulfates, formaldehyde or artificial coloring

I actually don’t mind the scent of this spray – and it’s a moisturizer too!  Pretty neat if you ask me!

SubBoxSat 021

Kneipp Balancing Lavender Herbal Bath – 20 ml – $5.50

All natural ingredients * Cruelty free * No parabens, sulfates, petroleum or formaldehyde

This is supposed to help with nervousness and mental fatigue! I can see this being nice after a long week of work (like last night!)  I have lots of bath products that seem to be piling up… guess I need to take more baths!

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Ultimate Lash and Brow Serum – 0.16 fl oz (FULL SIZE!) – $62.50

All natural ingredients * Gluten-free * Cruelty free * Vegan * Non-GMO * No synthetic fragrance, parabens, petroleum, sulfates, formaldehyde, or artificial coloring

Wow!  That’s quite the price tag on this item!  To be honest, I’m a little scared to try as one of the reviews stated problems with sensitive skin (which I definitely have…)  I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with this (i.e., keep or swap!)

SubBoxSat 022

Hugo Naturals Handcrafted Vanilla & Sweet Orange Soap – 4 oz (Full Size) – $4

Natural and plant-based coloring * No parabens or synthetic fragrances * Vegan * Free of soy, sulfates, and formaldehyde * Gluten free

Oh my, this smells wonderful!  It’s going to the top of the pile for the next soap I will use 🙂


My Summer 2014 Yuzen box was worth approximately $95 and I paid $33!  I do LOVE this box, but a little on the fence with the number of products since they seemed to put all the value in one item that I’m not sure I’ll be able to use!  That being said, I LOVE everything else in this box, so still a huge win for me!


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