April 2014 Fancy Box Review

Our Fancy Box was waiting for us on the front porch yesterday!  Here’s what was inside:


 FancyApr14 001


Fancy Box costs:

$39 for monthly subscription + 7.95 shipping/month
$115 for 3 month subscription ($38.33/month) + 7.95 shipping/month
$225 for 6 month subscription ($37.50/month) + 7.95 shipping/month
$330 for 9 month subscription ($36.67/month) + 7.95 shipping/month
$425 for 12 month subscription ($35.42/month) + 7.95 shipping/month


 FancyApr14 002

Kinfolk: Issue Eleven – $18

Hm.. not really sure about this book.. flipped through it a little, but generally just not excited.  Will add to the swap pile.

 FancyApr14 003

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Powder – Full Size – $21

I’m not a huge dry shampoo person – so this will get swapped also.

Chalkboard Decals by Wallies – $10

We are currently in the process of remodeling our kitchen – so there’s no way that this will be going up in my new kitchen!  The idea is cute, but not really a fan of chalk (it’s messy).  Will be swapping this also.

 FancyApr14 004

Message in a Bottle USB Drive – $28

This item is pretty cute, but don’t really have a use for a USB drive like this (if I used for work, I’d just end up breaking the bottle in my bag).  This item will get swapped.

Tiny Gold Studs by Amano Trading – $22

I don’t wear earrings, so these will get swapped also.


We paid ~$47 for the April 2014 Fancy Box and received an estimated $99 worth of product, so the value of the box is there.  Unfortunately the style of this box just doesn’t seem to be up our ally.  We have decided to switch our subscription to the Tyler Florence Fancy Box – which is home good items box.  I’m hoping this box will more fit our personalities!

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