April 2014 HeroDogBox Review

Daisy’s HeroDogBox arrived in the mail yesterday!!  This review is for the “small” dog box (0-20 lbs).  Even though our dog is ~28 lbs, we decided to go with the small version due to toy size (the next step up was medium 20-50 lbs).


Each box “sponsors” a dog  or organization that helps dogs in need – this month’s featured organization is Canine Angels!

  HeroDogBoxApr14 005

 HeroDogBoxApr14 002


HeroDogBox costs:

1 Month – $29/month with free shipping
3 Months – $24/month with free shipping (17% discount)
6 Months – $19/month with free shipping (34% discount)


 HeroDogBoxApr14 007

The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Whole Foods in Keen and Force – 1 oz each – Free on their website

These samples are actually available for free on the Honest Kitchen’s website – so not assigning a value to them.  Will likely use these as a treat on the weekend.

Pet Silk Groomers Shampoo in Hawaiian Plumeria – 2.2 oz – $1.25

This shampoo smells quite good!  Can’t wait to give Daisy a bath with this (she smelled it and ran away – haha!)

 West Paw Zogoflex Hurley – mini size – $8

I do wish they will send  a soft toy one of these months – Daisy just doesn’t get into rubber toys…

 HeroDogBoxApr14 009

Wagatha’s Organic Dog Biscuits in Cranberry – 8 oz (Full Size!) – $6.99

Lil’ Lovee Apple Delight Treats – 4 oz. Sample Bag – $3.75

As normal – Daisy gives all these treats two paws up!  She REALLY loves the apple delights treats though, but she LOVES apples, so not surprising!


We paid $19 for this box (with a 6 month subscription) and received approximately $20 worth of goodies.  Definitely not one of their higher value boxes – but I can TOTALLY get behind this company, from sponsoring and donating to a shelters to ensuring that their products healthy and/or organic and made in the USA! (treats from overseas scare me due to all the recalls there have been…)  I do hope the box goes back to the higher value next month and this month’s box was just a “miss”, especially since we won’t be using the highest value item (the toy).

Nevertheless, let’s just say that Daisy can’t WAIT for the next HeroDogBox to come!


2 thoughts on “April 2014 HeroDogBox Review

  1. I’m in the middle of my six-month Hero Dog Box subscription and was somewhat disappointed with the April box. I agree with your review and don’t think the free samples (The Honest Kitchen and shampoo, clearly labeled “not for resale”) are appropriate for a paid subscription service. While my dog thinks the Lil Lovees treats are tasty, they arrived mostly crumbled to bits.

    I did not like that the shampoo wasn’t labeled with ingredients – I actually thought it was a different brand than on the card.

    The Wagatha’s and Hurley were of course the highest-value items. I like the West Paw company and had been wanting o try one of their toys. My dog can’t have plushies so I’ve been happy with the Hero Dog Box toys so far!

    • We are in the same boat (middle of 6 months) – I hope April was just a miss and that the boxes get better again next month! I thought the shampoo was a different brand too!! Took me awhile to find online!
      I’m glad that your dog enjoys the toys! Our dog is pretty picky when it comes to toys, but I know she’ll always love the treats! LOL!

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