POPSUGAR Special Edition Must Have Resort Box Review

My Popsugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box FINALLY arrived in the mail on Saturday.  Unfortunately, I had already seen SEVERAL reviews for this box, so the surprise was kind of taken out of it as I appear to have been the last person to receive mine!  But nevertheless, here’s what was inside:


 PopResandEEApr14 003


This special edition box cost $100.


 PopResandEEApr14 007

Smashbox Cosmetics Double-Ended Limitless Eye Liner – $24.00

This eyeliner isn’t for me, but I’m sure some people enjoyed.

Sisco Berluti Bracelet Stack – ~$176?

I’m guessing on the value of this stack as it was made exclusively for the Popsugar box.  I’m not a huge bracelet wearer, so unfortunately I wasn’t overly excited about these.

 PopResandEEApr14 009

Salty Road Salt Water Taffy – $6.50

MMmm… LOVE salt water taffy – yes please!

Clark’s Botanicals Cellular Lifting Moisture Mist – $28

I tried this item a couple times this weekend, and I appear to have broken out all over from it.  Eek.

 PopResandEEApr14 012

R.B. of McD #2 Clutch – ~$140?

This item was also made exclusively for Popsugar – it’s over half canvas material (hence the lower price).  Just a guess on the price.  This item isn’t for me though.

Epicuren Discovery Tropical Lave – 8.4 oz – $24

This wash smells good!  Hoping I don’t break out from this too…

PopResandEEApr14 013

Cuyana Turkish Towel – $55

This is the one item in the box that they showed prior to boxes arriving, and I was in love!  The towel is SUPER light, can’t wait to give it a try – supposed to be super absorbent and perfect for the beach!


I paid $100 for my Popsugar Special Edition Resort Box and received an estimated over $450 worth of product!  Unfortunately this box wasn’t really up my alley as far as style goes… I will end up trading most of the items in hopes of getting something else that I like better!  This is the first time I tried Popsugar and was a little disappointed.  Their monthly “must have” boxes usually look amazing though!

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2 thoughts on “POPSUGAR Special Edition Must Have Resort Box Review

  1. I’m sorry to hear that this box wasn’t the best fit for you. 😦 In all honesty, I think I would’ve felt the same if I had gotten this box. I’ve seen some really good “Must Have” boxes though. Maybe give one of those a try someday?

    • yeah – I think I’ve just been holding off as they seem to be so hit and miss with me! (i.e., I LOVE one item, but not the others or something…) plus $40 a month is a big commitment for me! haha…

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