April 2014 Saffron Rouge Inner Circle Review

My April 2014 Saffron Rouge Inner Circle arrived today!!!  Here’s what was inside:


SRICApr14 001

The box also comes with a pamphlet detailing everything included!

SRICApr14 002

SRICApr14 003


What is Saffron Rouge’s Inner Circle?  According to their website, “Receive a beautiful package of deluxe samples from various leading and upcoming organic beauty brands from around the world.  These self indulgent little packages include premium samples and an informative letter describing each of your treats.  The best part is that you also receive a discount code to save on your favorite full sized versions from the package.”

Saffron Rouge’s Inner Circle costs $24.99/month.


SRICApr14 004

Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil – 10 mL – $2.60

I received a body oil in my previous Saffron Rouge box, and actually like it as a variation to lotion!  Excited to use this!

Red Flower Ocean Body Lotion – 3 oz – $9

This lotion does not smell anything like “ocean”, but that aside, I can’t get enough of natural lotions!  I really don’t mind the scent of this, but have to agree with the reviews that it isn’t what I’d think of for an ocean scent.

Mai Couture Lavender Blotting Paper – 100 sheets – $13

I’ve never been a big “blotter” – don’t have much excess oil on my face.. will probably end up trading this item!

SRICApr14 007

Vapour Mesmerize Eyeliner Viper – FULL SIZE – $18

The viper color was apparently made just for inner circle members!  It’s a rich plum color.  Unfortunately purple is NOT a good look for me, but I’m sure that this will be good for a trade!

Inika Creme Eyeshadow Champagne – 7 ml (FULL SIZE) – $25

Excited to give this a try!  I have some Inika mineral eye shadow that I LOVE, so happy to try the brand again!

Lotus Wei Mists in Joy Juice and Inner Peace – 4 ml each – $3.18 each ($6.36 total)

I received a Lotus Wei sample in my Yuzen box, and I think I’ve used it once… I think I like these scents a little better though, so maybe they’ll get used  more?


I paid $24.99 for this month’s box and received approximately $74 worth of product!  I love discovering the natural brands they send out each month!!

Saffron Rouge does have a rewards program – if you click “Customer Service” on the bottom, then “Rewards Program”, and then “Check your Balance” you can see your current rewards.  Each Saffron Rouge Inner Circle Box is worth 75 points, and each review you write is worth 25 points.  It takes 2,750 points for a $50 gift card, so each box nets you $1.36 in points and each review gives you $0.45 in points.  Definitely not the best rewards system, but it DOES exist!


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