April 2014 Little Black Bag Review – 1 of 2

My first April 2014 Little Black Bag showed up in the mail today!  First, you ask?  Yeah, I have no self control.  After I finished trading, I found a pair of shoes I needed to have so bought another bag!  Will review that bag when it arrives!


LBBApr2014_1 001

BrianneFaye White Sparkle Striped Scarf – Retail $45

Oh my goodness this scarf is awesome!! It’s got some sparkle in it, but not too much!  I think I may have a slight addiction to scarfs…

LBBApr2014_1 003LBBApr2014_1 005

Deux Lux Mojito Small Tote – Retail $115

I managed to trade up to this item with a bunch of smaller stuff – and O.M.G. am I excited!! I’ve been wanting a nicer tote bag for those days where I don’t want to bring my nasty old one, but still have a bunch of stuff to bring (even though it says small, it’s larger then your average purse)!

And the super added bonus??

LBBApr2014_1 006

The bag it came in!  I’m saving this for when traveling for laundry!  It’s a pretty substantial bag for a holder!


I paid $36.64 for this month’s Little Black Bag and received $160 worth of product!


I was hesitant to try Little Black Bag at first – but I have to say it’s super addictive and a great way to add accessories to your wardrobe at reasonable costs!  and the trading is just FUN!  I literally have to make myself close the site and not log back in until next month (hence having two bags this month already…)  The best part?  You can skip any month if you don’t like what they have!  Have you tried Little Black Bag yet?

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