Fancy Mystery Box Review – Women’s

Fancy recently released mystery boxes available for purchase in both Men’s and Women’s and in sizes small ($10), medium ($20), and large ($40).  I saw quite a few reviews for these boxes and I couldn’t hold out purchasing both a men’s and women’s version!  When I purchased, only the small ($10) version was available so that’s the version this review is for!  These boxes are still available on their website as of the time of this post!

The Box:

MystFFApr14 006

The Cost:

Small Mystery Box – $10 + $7.95 shipping

Medium Mystery Box – $20 + $7.95 shipping

Large Mystery Box – $40 + $7.95 shipping

The Goods:

MystFFApr14 005

Midnight Clutch by Emilie M – $50

I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this “clutch” at first – it was either I loved it or hated it – it’s QUITE large for a clutch in my opinion!  But then I realized, it’d fit my ipad mini perfectly!

MystFFApr14 008MystFFApr14 009

Verdict?  LOVE IT!

MystFFApr14 007

Bad to the Bone Turquoise Bracelet – $18

Sometimes Fancy and I are so far apart on styles… This is not me, it’ll get swapped.

Individual Mini Pie Dish – $10

This dish is actually quite substantial.  But not really sure what I’d do with one dish??

The Verdict:

I paid $10 + $7.95 ($17.95) shipping for the Fancy Mystery Box and received $78 worth of product!  While some of the products weren’t up my ally, after contemplation, the clutch is AWESOME!  If I had endless funds, I would totally buy more and more of these just to see what I’d get!  There seems to be a few different small boxes that I’ve seen, but want to try the medium and large boxes too!


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