Fancy Mystery Box Review – Men’s

Fancy recently released mystery boxes available for purchase in both Men’s and Women’s and in sizes small ($10), medium ($20), and large ($40).  I saw quite a few reviews for these boxes and I couldn’t hold out purchasing both a men’s and women’s version!  When I purchased, only the small ($10) version was available so that’s the version this review is for!  These boxes are still available on their website as of the time of this post!


MystFFApr14 001


Small Mystery Box – $10 + $7.95 shipping

Medium Mystery Box – $20 + $7.95 shipping

Large Mystery Box – $40 + $7.95 shipping


MystFFApr14 003

Fancy Notebook 2-pack – $12

The title “Things I was Supposed to do Yesterday that I will do Tomorrow” I swear is Husband’s motto.  Hilarious.

100 Dollar Bill Napkins – $7

Husband thinks these are hilarious.  Whatever I guess??

MystFFApr14 004

L’Occitan Cade Shaving Cream – 10 ml – $2

I’m sure Husband will use this.

Cousin Traci Laces by Benjos – $8

Husband keeps getting laces in boxes, they are starting to accumulate…

Apolis Leather Card Holder – $15

This holder doesn’t hold much (3-5 cards), but may be good for dressing up!


We paid $10 + $7.95 ($17.95) shipping for the Men’s Fancy Mystery Box and received $44 worth of product.  I think Husband is pretty happy with the items he received!


2 thoughts on “Fancy Mystery Box Review – Men’s

  1. Hahaha, those dollar bill napkins! Love it! 😀 I can just picture someone sitting at dinner and pretentiously wiping their hands or mouth with “money.” 😛 You lucked out pretty well with your two mystery boxes! I know a lot of people got (sometimes multiple) boxes with less than stellar contents. It’s nice that even though the value of this box was lower than the woman’s one, you can use more items from it.

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