Stitch Fix #6 (May 2014) Review

My Stitch Fix #6 arrived in the mail yesterday!!  This is by far my favorite subscription box to receive each month!


SFandBBManApr14 022

If I keep everything in my box, it will cost me $162 with the $20 styling fee and the 25% discount!


$20 a month styling fee – then the cost of clothing (read more here).


Best part about Stitch Fix is the styling cards they send with each item – really helps inept people such as myself with how to wear said items!

SFandBBManApr14 014

Bella Boutique Gabrielle Mini Horseshoe Charm Necklace – $44

Uh yeah – I don’t think I would have even kept this necklace if it was free… not a fan.

Verdict = Returned

SFandBBManApr14 018SFandBBManApr14 017

Mak Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan – $38

Loved the price point on this item – and even better that I had one of the items they recommended wearing this with on the style card!

Verdict = Kept!

SFandBBManApr14 0192014-04-30 SFandBBManApr14

Renee C Wilfred Abstract Print Tank – $48

Holy unflattering!  I felt like I was wearing a mu-mu… blech!

Verdict = Returned

SFandBBManApr14 020SFandBBManApr14 009

Pomelo Cherise Cotton Tab Sleeve Henley Shirt – $58

I really was on the fence with this shirt… I didn’t hate, just didn’t love enough to keep for $58…

Verdict = Returned

SFandBBManApr14 021SFandBBManApr14 015

Ezra Enzo Grid Print Mixed Material Raglan Top – $48

I wasn’t too sure about this top either – but the longer I had it on, the longer I liked it!  It’s so different then anything else I own!

Verdict = Kept!


Well I was pretty happy about this month’s fix.  Coming down off the high of last month’s perfect fix, this one was a little more disappointing… but still LOVE nevertheless!  I decided to keep 2 tops and will end up paying $66 (after my styling fee is discounted!)  I think Natalie did a great job again this month in finding tops at the perfect price point! Can’t wait for my next Stitch Fix!

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?

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May 2014 Birchbox Man Review

Husband’s May 2014 Birchbox Man arrived today!  Here’s what was inside:


(Husband got box 4 this month – how do you tell?  Log in to birchbox and scroll down to the box history, click the link and the last one or two digits ( are the box number – you can see all of the other boxes by changing this number!)

 SFandBBManApr14 024

SFandBBManApr14 025


Men’s Subscription ($20/Month):  Grooming products and accessories ranging from socks to tech accessories


Overview of his box from Birchbox:

 SFandBBManApr14 029

Histoires de Parfums 1969 – 2 ml – $4.17

This scent is a blend of rose, patchouli, clove, and musk – it’s interesting at best.  Can’t say that I hate it, but don’t really love either… hm.  Husband seems to like though!

COOLA Environmental Repair Plus Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion – 0.5 fl oz – $2.67

Alright, I’m already secretly plotting how I can steal this from Husband!  Hopefully won’t need, but it never seems to fail that I get a sunburn at some point in the summer…

SFandBBManApr14 030

Plant Face Oil in ØÅ – ~1 ml – $1.33

I think Husbands exact words were “hmm”.  LOL, I think he’s interested in trying?

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator – 20 g – $5.67

I got this same sample in a previous Birchbox and liked it – it’s pretty exfoliating so only use every couple days!

 SFandBBManApr14 033

RIADA by Adair Tie Bar – $20

Husband was stoked to get this tie bar!  He won’t use very often, but he’s pretty stoked!

SFandBBManApr14 035

BONUS ITEM: 32 Oral Care, LLC Effervescent Breath Treatment – 4 packs – $1.97

Husband got these in a previous box – he really likes them so happy to get more!

Bicycle Robocyle Playing Cards – 1 pack – $3.99

This item was an add on to kick of the Aces VIP program Birchbox started!  We’ll take the extra!


The overall value of the May 2014 Birchbox Man was over $39 for a $20 subscription!  I think he’s super excited about all the items this month, so total win!

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April 2014 HeroDogBox Review

Daisy’s HeroDogBox arrived in the mail yesterday!!  This review is for the “small” dog box (0-20 lbs).  Even though our dog is ~28 lbs, we decided to go with the small version due to toy size (the next step up was medium 20-50 lbs).


Each box “sponsors” a dog  or organization that helps dogs in need – this month’s featured organization is Canine Angels!

  HeroDogBoxApr14 005

 HeroDogBoxApr14 002


HeroDogBox costs:

1 Month – $29/month with free shipping
3 Months – $24/month with free shipping (17% discount)
6 Months – $19/month with free shipping (34% discount)


 HeroDogBoxApr14 007

The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Whole Foods in Keen and Force – 1 oz each – Free on their website

These samples are actually available for free on the Honest Kitchen’s website – so not assigning a value to them.  Will likely use these as a treat on the weekend.

Pet Silk Groomers Shampoo in Hawaiian Plumeria – 2.2 oz – $1.25

This shampoo smells quite good!  Can’t wait to give Daisy a bath with this (she smelled it and ran away – haha!)

 West Paw Zogoflex Hurley – mini size – $8

I do wish they will send  a soft toy one of these months – Daisy just doesn’t get into rubber toys…

 HeroDogBoxApr14 009

Wagatha’s Organic Dog Biscuits in Cranberry – 8 oz (Full Size!) – $6.99

Lil’ Lovee Apple Delight Treats – 4 oz. Sample Bag – $3.75

As normal – Daisy gives all these treats two paws up!  She REALLY loves the apple delights treats though, but she LOVES apples, so not surprising!


We paid $19 for this box (with a 6 month subscription) and received approximately $20 worth of goodies.  Definitely not one of their higher value boxes – but I can TOTALLY get behind this company, from sponsoring and donating to a shelters to ensuring that their products healthy and/or organic and made in the USA! (treats from overseas scare me due to all the recalls there have been…)  I do hope the box goes back to the higher value next month and this month’s box was just a “miss”, especially since we won’t be using the highest value item (the toy).

Nevertheless, let’s just say that Daisy can’t WAIT for the next HeroDogBox to come!

Bespoke Post Maker (April 2014) Review

Husband’s April 2014 Bespoke Post “Maker” box arrived the other day – here’s what was inside:


 BespokeandLBB2Apr14 001


$45/Month (can opt out any month)


BespokeandLBB2Apr14 002

Old Mansion Foods Spice Blend in Espresso, Seven, and Monterey – $8 each – $24 Total

BespokeandLBB2Apr14 004

Greensbury Market – $25 off of $50 order or more

I’m sure we’ll be spending this (note $50 will NOT go far on this site though!)  The products are all organic.

Outdoor Gourmet Cedar Wraps – 4 wraps – $5

BespokeandLBB2Apr14 006

Able Workman’s Apron – $60?

Husband was pretty dang jazzed about this apron!  It’s seriously heavy duty!


The estimated value of Husband’s April 2014 Maker Bespoke Post was approximately $89 ($114 with the gift card).  We paid $45 for this month’s Bespoke Post, so pretty excited about the items and value!  Everything seems very high end, which is a bonus!  Can’t wait to see what boxes they release next month!

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April 2014 Little Black Bag Review – 2 of 2

My second April 2014 Little Black Bag showed up in the mail the other day – just catching up from the weekend!


BespokeandLBB2Apr14 024

Carlos by Carlos Santana Trixie Sandal – Retail $59

These shoes are the reason I had to open another bag – LOVE!  I already wore them this weekend – won’t be good for lots of walking, but otherwise they are SUPER cute!

 BespokeandLBB2Apr14 011

Michael Marcus Midnight Eyeliner – Retail $20

Mineralogie Girl Meets Pearl Lipgloss – Retail $18

So I ended up with these two items, but will probably end up swapping them for something else.  I’m sure they’d get use if I didn’t have so many eyeliners and lip glosses already from subscription boxes.

 BespokeandLBB2Apr14 014

S.P.L. Ocean Breeze Boxed Candle – Retail $60

Oh my goodness this candle smells amazing!  It’s HUGE too!  It has an estimated burn time of 65-70 hours!


I paid $40.90 for this month’s Little Black Bag and received $157 worth of product!


I was hesitant to try Little Black Bag at first – but I have to say it’s super addictive and a great way to add accessories to your wardrobe at reasonable costs!  and the trading is just FUN!  I literally have to make myself close the site and not log back in until next month (hence having two bags this month already…)  The best part?  You can skip any month if you don’t like what they have!  Have you tried Little Black Bag yet?

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April 2014 Birchbox Review

My April 2014 Birchbox arrived today – here’s what was inside:


(I got box #48 – how do you tell?  Log in to birchbox and scroll down to the box history, click the link and the last one or two digits ( are the box number – you can see all of the other boxes by changing this number!)

 BBApr14 003

BBApr14 005


$10/Month with month-by-month 

or $9.17/Month with annual subscription ($110 – one month free!) 

Use code SFBB100 to get 100 addition points ($10) with an upgrade to the annual subscription!


BBApr14 006

Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner in Jamun (Deep Purple) – 0.024 oz – $4.40

Not a purple person (this is the SECOND purple eyeliner I got this month – what the heck?!) so will be adding this liner to the trade pile.

Color Club Nailpolish in Breakfast at… – 7 ml – $3.25

Oohh!  LOVE this color!!  HUGE win in my book!

Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy Body Wash – 1.35 fl oz – $2.53

Birchbox seems to really like this brand (got a lotion last month).  Fortunately, I liked the scent of this body wash better then the lotion – although both are very mildly scented (my guess is to appeal to the masses!)

BBApr14 009

KIND Snacks – Maple Pumpkin Seed Bar – 1 bar – $0.79

Maple Pumpkin what?!  haha.. quite the interesting flavor.  To be honest, it doesn’t sound that appetizing, but eventually I’ll try it!

Miss Jessie’s Transitioner’s Magic – 1 fl oz – $2.75

Alright, still not sure what “transitioner’s magic” is – but it says to apply to damp hair and style as usual?  LOL guess I’ll give it a shot, not sure what it’ll do!  ha!


I estimate the value of my April 2014 Birchbox at approximately $13…  I think this is one of the lowest value Birchbox’s yet?  Thankfully, I’m usually pretty impressed with my boxes, so not tempted to cancel this one at this time!  Hopefully next month’s will be amazing 🙂

What did you get in your April 2014 Birchbox?

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