March 2014 Fancy Box Review

Our Fancy Box was waiting for us on the front porch yesterday!  I was really excited since it wasn’t supposed to arrive until Tuesday!


HDBandFancyMar14 017


Fancy Box costs:

$39 for monthly subscription + 7.95 shipping/month
$115 for 3 month subscription ($38.33/month) + 7.95 shipping/month
$225 for 6 month subscription ($37.50/month) + 7.95 shipping/month
$330 for 9 month subscription ($36.67/month) + 7.95 shipping/month
$425 for 12 month subscription ($35.42/month) + 7.95 shipping/month


HDBandFancyMar14 018

ThatSh*tCray Tray – $45.00

I can’t believe the value of this tray!  That being said – this isn’t quite our style – maybe a bit too crass for me to have laying around the house…

HDBandFancyMar14 019

SMS Sticky Notes – $7

OMG – I LOVE these sticky notes!!! I have seen them in a couple box reviews and was so excited to see them in our box!!!

Bottle Light LED Cork – $15

This product is made to turn an empty bottle into an LED lamp.  Again, not really our style (maybe 10 years ago… LOL)  I can’t help but think my younger sister (who is in college) would love something like this!

HDBandFancyMar14 021

Mason Shaker – $29 and Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails Book – $25

LOVE LOVE LOVE these two items!!!  Again, I had seen this mason shaker floating around and thought – “that’s RIGHT up my ally!!” and the Shake book is AMAZING!  It has cocktails (some non-alcoholic also!) by season that use fresh for that time of year ingredients!  LOVE LOVE LOVE (again! ha!)


We paid ~$47 for the March 2014 Fancy Box and received an estimated $121 worth of product!!  I wasn’t too excited over last month’s Fancy Box (here) as it was ALL male – but I’m over the moon for this months!!  This is what I was expecting when we signed up 🙂  HOORAY!!

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