February 2014 HeroDogBox Review

Daisy’s first HeroDogBox arrived today!!  This review is for the “small” dog box (0-20 lbs).  Even though our dog is ~28 lbs, we decided to go with the small version due to toy size (the next step up was medium 20-50 lbs).

The Box:

Each box “sponsors” a dog that is in need of fostering or adoption – this month’s featured dog is Gable!  Proceeds from the sales of the boxes also go to support the dog!

HDBFeb14 002

HDBFeb14 003

The Cost:

HeroDogBox costs:

1 Month – $29/month with free shipping
3 Months – $24/month with free shipping (17% discount)
6 Months – $19/month with free shipping (34% discount)

The Goods:

HDBFeb14 006

Giggy Bites Gourmet Dog Treats – 0.5 lb – $6.50

GiggyBites are hand-made gourmet dog treats that contain only all-natural ingredients – no fillers, artificial colors, added salt, sugar or preservatives because our pups deserve only the best.  GiggyBites are hand crafted from the highest quality human ingredients, so you can feel good about giving them to your dog.

I even think these smell good – I’m tempted to try!  Daisy says “Two Paws Up!”

Treat me Right Gourmet Treats – $7.50 (?)

I think these are the “Yappetizers” – whatever they are – Daisy LOVES them!

HDBFeb14 007

Orbee-Tuff Orbee Ball – Small Size – $9

Daisy doesn’t like these types of toys – I showed it to her – she sniffed and ran away! LOL

BarkWorthies Bully Stick – $3.15

Daisy will have to wait until spring to eat this – even though it says “odor free”, I don’t like things that can stain the carpet!

HDBFeb14 009

PetzLife Dog Brush – $6

This company is actually from MN – and we ran into them at a “Dog Days” – the guy was selling the spray that’s supposed to be miracle spray – he even sprayed it in his own mouth!!  I didn’t buy it then, but now I really wish I would have.  The box came with a 20% off code, but that barely covers the cost of shipping… Maybe they’ll be there again next year (or maybe a future month’s box will have the spray!)

Eco-friendly Poop Bags – 120 bags – $10

These bags are 9 x 13!  Ha!  Our dog doesn’t poo that large, BUT I do love the Eco bags 🙂  And this supply will probably get us through a good chunk of summer!

The Verdict:

Daisy is in LOVE (as am I!) with HeroDogBox!  We paid $19 for this box (with a 6 month subscription) and received approximately $42 worth of goodies!  And I can TOTALLY get behind this company, from sponsoring and donating to a shelter dog to ensuring that their products healthy and/or organic and made in the USA (treats from overseas scare me due to all the recalls there have been…)  The fact that I could eat the treats is even more awesome (maybe, we’ll see!)

And let’s just say that Daisy can’t WAIT for the next HeroDogBox to come!


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