February 2014 Homegrown Collective Review

We received our February 2014 Homegrown Collective yesterday, here’s what was inside:


This month’s theme is “Honey: How Sweet It Is”

BBManHGCMarch2014 018


Month to Month: $39 plus $9 shipping
3 Months: $117 plus $9/month shipping (no savings)
6 Months: $234 plus Free Shipping!
12 Months: $429 plus Free Shipping! (one month free)


Honey Lip BalmBBManHGCMarch2014 021

The first item is Honey Lip Balm.  Super excited to see how this turns out!

BBManHGCMarch2014 024

Next item is Honey & Sugar Scrub.  Honey scrub is supposed to be very good for your complexion – so excited to give this a try too!

BBManHGCMarch2014 025

The last item is Beeswax Wood Butter – and making your own coaster set!!  I can’t WAIT to make these!  I LOVE the natural look of the coasters!!


I think this is my favorite Homegrown Collective Greenbox yet!  I had been contemplating cancelling after our first six months was up, but now I’m thinking there’s no way!! They hooked me again!

I did not assign a value to the items in this box, as I am not even certain the correct way to do so.  The box is so well curated that I DEFINITELY feel that it was worth the $39!!  Could I have gone out and purchased the individual items separately for less money?  Probably, but there’s no way I would have come close to joy of opening such a well thought out box!


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