February 2014 Fancy Box Review

Our first Fancy Box was waiting for us when we got home today – I was sooo excited to rip and and see what was inside!

The Box:

FancyFeb2014 001

The Price:

Fancy Box costs:

$39 for monthly subscription + 7.95 shipping/month
$115 for 3 month subscription ($38.33/month) + 7.95 shipping/month
$225 for 6 month subscription ($37.50/month) + 7.95 shipping/month
$330 for 9 month subscription ($36.67/month) + 7.95 shipping/month
$425 for 12 month subscription ($35.42/month) + 7.95 shipping/month

The Goods:

FancyFeb2014 006

The Stephen in Brown by Breda – $68.00

Husband seems to really like this watch!

FancyFeb2014 004

Adapt CTA Cuff Beanie and Adapt Advancers Keychain – $24 and $5

Husband liked this beanie too, the keychain I will end up exchanging.

FancyFeb2014 003

F*ck Yeah Menswear Book – $20 (list price)

Husband said this book looked pretty interesting also – a bit random, but he’ll give it a read.

The Verdict

Well in case you didn’t notice, this months entire Fancy Box was geared towards “men”.  I even went online to ensure that I had other categories checked also (I did).  So while I was not very excited for this month’s box, I think the Husband enjoyed it (imagine that 😉 )

We paid $39+shipping for the February Fancy Box and received an estimated $117 worth of product.  While some of these items are listed for less money online (I think I found the book for $14 and watch for ~$26), I would have never picked them out on my own, and I definitely think there is value to Fancy Box!  I just hope next months box is all female 🙂

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3 thoughts on “February 2014 Fancy Box Review

  1. I’m excited to see you finally getting your first Fancy box! The items are interesting – I think the watch would be my favourite. Although I’m sure your husband was very happy this month, it sucks a bit that this one was geared towards men. I’m sure the March box will bring more items that you can use. 🙂

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