February 2014 Daily Dose of Green Review

My February 2014 Daily Dose of Green arrived in the mail the other day, here’s what was inside:


FebDDog14 001

FebDDog14 002

Here’s the detail card for the items in my box.


Daily Dose of Green is an eco subscription box available for $15 per month


FebDDog14 003

Be Natural Organics Golden Glow Lotion – 0.5 oz – $1.13

I received quite a few Be Natural Organics in last month’s DDoG box, seems to be an OK brand.  This lotion has QUITE a bit of shimmer in it, but has a nice whipped consistency.  There really isn’t a smell though…

Mystical House Lip and Body Butter – 2 oz (FULL SIZE) – $10

I really like the smell of this product – mixture of clove and cinnamon.  I’m not certain I like using it on my lips, but I think it’ll make a nice body lotion.

FebDDog14 004

Artisana Organic Foods Almond Butter and Cacao Bliss – 1.19 oz each – $2 each = $4

I was not happy to see these in my box this month, they sent the same thing out last month!  Albeit they were different “flavors” but what the heck.  I now have about 5-6 of these in the cupboard that I haven’t even tried… I suppose maybe I should try them and I wouldn’t complain so much, but still.

FebDDog14 005

Sjaack’s Organic Chocolates in Lavender Truffle – 3 pieces, 0.65 each – $1.95

I’ve never seen my husband make such a disgusted face after eating chocolate – he said the lavender was REALLY strong.

And this month’s Extra Products:

I didn’t get a detail card on the extra products this month – they were just kind of thrown in the box…

FebDDog14 006

100% Pure Body Cream Samples in Vanilla Bean and Honey Almond – 2 ml each – $0.14 each = $0.28

Daily Dose of Green has really been failing on the “extra” products.  I used to get 2-3 product each month, which kind of made the box.  I thought I was disappointed last month, but this month, wow, a whopping $0.28 of extra… thanks?!  I’m not upset about the brand though, as I received some 100% Pure Mascara in my Birchbox that I LOVE!  Excited to give these a try.


I paid $15 for my daily dose of green box and I received an estimated $17 worth of product, of which $4 was product I received last month.  I honestly emailed the company thinking I was missing the rest of my extra products or something?!  Nevertheless, I was informed that I was not missing anything and that their shipping rates had gone up, and blah blah blah.  I decided to cancel this box after being disappointed two months in a row.  I’d much rather find a box that gives you more value (like Saffron Rouge Inner Circle!!)


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