Natural Flower Power Review

I received a sample of the Natural Flower Power Cleaner in Lavender in my January 2014 Eco Emi Review, however I wasn’t very excited with the scent.  I was contacted a short time later by the owner of the company offering to send a sample of the lemongrass cleaner for me to try!  Of course I said yes!

Natural Flower Power quickly sent me out not just a sample of the lemongrass cleaner to try, but a FULL SIZE of the Lemongrass Cleaner, a FULL SIZE of the Citrus & Spice Cleaner and a FULL SIZE of the Lemongrass Natural Air Freshener!  I couldn’t wait for my package to arrive!

The Box:

Feb14HCGandBBMreview 010

Unfortunately, one of the cleaners was damaged during shipment – the Lemongrass of course 😦  I would recommend to the company to add a seal to the bottles and/or adding bubble wrap to their packaging!  The plastic lid was no match to our cold MN winters and crazy postal drivers 🙂

The Products:

Feb14HCGandBBMreview 033Feb14HCGandBBMreview 032

Natural Flower Power Lemongrass Cleaner – FULL SIZE – $7.99

I was sad that this sample was damaged during shipping – but I did get to smell how amazing it was all over the packaging!  I do hope the company improves their packaging a little (the products were wrapped in some paper inside a box).  I can totally see myself buying this once our current cleaning supplies run out.

Natural Flower Power Citrus & Spice Cleaner – FULL SIZE – $7.99

I tried this sample on the kitchen counter tops and have to say I’m impressed!  While I’m  more of a soap and suds kind of girl for cleaning counters, I think I can convince Husband to use this for “quick cleanups”!  Works much better then just a damp rag!  I have to say lemongrass is by far my favorite scent, but this one wasn’t bad (good product for the kitchen!)  However, the spices were a little strong for my nose – it cleared my sinuses – but the Husband enjoyed.

Natural Flower Power Lemongrass Natural Air Freshener – FULL SIZE – $3.99

I was really happy that this product was in the package, especially after the Lemongrass cleaner didn’t make it!  I sprayed some of this in the dog room, and I’m in love!!  I have tried other products (most recently Caldrea’s room freshener in Sweet Pea) – but this seemed to do a much better job and I like the scent SO much better!!

The Verdict:

Overall, I’m very impressed with Natural Flower Power’s line of products and am especially in love with the lemongrass scent!!!

I can’t wait to see what this company comes up with next – it sounds like the company started out with natural carpet cleaner – where do I get some of that?!


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