February 2014 Fancy Box Review

Our first Fancy Box was waiting for us when we got home today – I was sooo excited to rip and and see what was inside!

The Box:

FancyFeb2014 001

The Price:

Fancy Box costs:

$39 for monthly subscription + 7.95 shipping/month
$115 for 3 month subscription ($38.33/month) + 7.95 shipping/month
$225 for 6 month subscription ($37.50/month) + 7.95 shipping/month
$330 for 9 month subscription ($36.67/month) + 7.95 shipping/month
$425 for 12 month subscription ($35.42/month) + 7.95 shipping/month

The Goods:

FancyFeb2014 006

The Stephen in Brown by Breda – $68.00

Husband seems to really like this watch!

FancyFeb2014 004

Adapt CTA Cuff Beanie and Adapt Advancers Keychain – $24 and $5

Husband liked this beanie too, the keychain I will end up exchanging.

FancyFeb2014 003

F*ck Yeah Menswear Book – $20 (list price)

Husband said this book looked pretty interesting also – a bit random, but he’ll give it a read.

The Verdict

Well in case you didn’t notice, this months entire Fancy Box was geared towards “men”.  I even went online to ensure that I had other categories checked also (I did).  So while I was not very excited for this month’s box, I think the Husband enjoyed it (imagine that 😉 )

We paid $39+shipping for the February Fancy Box and received an estimated $117 worth of product.  While some of these items are listed for less money online (I think I found the book for $14 and watch for ~$26), I would have never picked them out on my own, and I definitely think there is value to Fancy Box!  I just hope next months box is all female 🙂

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February 2014 Eco Emi Review

My February 2014 Eco Emi box also showed up in the mail the other day, here’s what was inside:


 EEFeb2014 001

EEFeb2014 003


Eco Emi costs $15/month.


EEFeb2014 004

Tea Light Candles by Goodlight Natural Candles – 6 pack – $2.49

I use tea lights quite a bit for tart burners – never really thought about looking for an eco-friendly version!

All Natural Hummus by Wild Garden – 1 pack – $0.86

I love that they include more then just beauty items in their box!

EEFeb2014 006

Organic Hairspray by Aubrey Organics – 1 oz – $2

Haven’t tried this yet – but I do like the idea of organic hairspray!  Awesome travel size too!  Will be bringing this with me on vacation!

Vegan Lip Balm by Jersey Shore Sun in Winter mint – FULL SIZE – $5

This balm is quite minty!  Kind of makes me want a mojito… but perhaps I am just OVER this winter…

Lavish Face Mask by Blissoma – sample size – $3.50

I’m not big on face masks, but this product gets AMAZING reviews.  May have to make myself give it a try!

EEFeb2014 007

Eyelash Conditioner by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques – FULL SIZE – $10

I’ve never heard of lash conditioner before – curious to see how this works!

Chocolate Vanilla Paste by Premier Organics – 1 pouch – $1.35

Appears this product isn’t available on their website yet?  Nevertheless, husband will be sampling this as well!


Overall, I calculate my Eco Emi February 2014 Box to be worth ~$25.  Loved this months box, excited to try some of the products that are new to me (i.e., lash conditioner!)  Also, glad to see only one chocolate item (especially since it was a February box..)

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle February 2014 Review

Ahh!! My February 2014 Saffron Rouge Inner Circle arrived today!!!  LOVED (repeat LOVED) my January Box, couldn’t wait to get another!


This month’s theme is “Romance and Roses”

SRICFeb2014 003

The box also comes with a pamphlet detailing everything included!

SRICFeb2014 001

SRICFeb2014 002


What is Saffron Rouge’s Inner Circle?  According to their website, “Receive a beautiful package of deluxe samples from various leading and upcoming organic beauty brands from around the world.  These self indulgent little packages include premium samples and an informative letter describing each of your treats.  The best part is that you also receive a discount code to save on your favorite full sized versions from the package.”

Saffron Rouge’s Inner Circle costs $24.99/month.


SRICFeb2014 004

Suki Velvet Moisturizing Cream – 8 mL (total) – $2

Love lotion samples!  Can’t wait to give these a try.

Tallulah Jane Alyana Perfume Roll On – 4 ml – $29

This product has a nice light floral scent!  I also like the compact size of the sample – may keep this for traveling (easier to take on an airplane!)

SRICFeb2014 011

Primavera Revitalizing Intensive Seed Capsules – 7 Capsules – $28

These are apparently for anti-aging.  I’m not really feeling this sample, so will likely trade for another on a swap site.

SRICFeb2014 007

The Body Deli Rose Absolute Revitalizing Face and Body Mist – 4 fl oz (FULL SIZE) – $22

I don’t really understand hydrating sprays – it doesn’t seem like they do anything?  Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

Yes Oil-Based Lubricant – 25 ml – $7

Well, I guess their theme was “romance and roses” after all! 😉

SRICFeb2014 013

W3LL People Nudist Colorbalm (Stick 7) – FULL SIZE – $19.50

LOVE this lip color/balm!!  Its got an almost minty finish and just a light tint – definitely going to be my new go to!

Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Blush: Zinnia – sample size – $1.75

I’m still contemplating how I will manage to get this blush out of the little sample jar to try – but that being said, I sampled a little on my hand and it’s quite pretty!!  Probably won’t wear to work, but it’ll be a great add on before going out!


Again, I’m over the moon with my Saffron Rouge Inner Circle!  I wish I would have found this service when they first started, as I feel almost cheated from every box I didn’t get!!! I will just have to hang onto this subscription for a long time :)

I paid $24.99 for this month’s box and received approximately $109 worth of product!  Auh-ma-zing value!

Thanks to Karen’s comment on last month’s box, I found out that Saffron Rouge DOES have a rewards program!  If you click “Customer Service” on the bottom, then “Rewards Program”, and then “Check your Balance” you can see your current rewards.  Each Saffron Rouge Inner Circle Box is worth 75 points, and each review you write is worth 25 points.  It takes 2,750 points for a $50 gift card, so each box nets you $1.36 in points and each review gives you $0.45 in points.  Definitely not the best rewards system, but it DOES exist!

Spring 2014 Yuzen Review

My Spring 2014 Yuzen Box arrived today – FINALLY!!!  I saw some other blog reviews go up on Monday, torture that I had to wait until today to get mine!!


Spring14Yuzen 004

Spring14Yuzen 006Spring14Yuzen 007


Yuzen costs $33/box and boxes are shipped quarterly.


Spring14Yuzen 009

Acure Organics Radical Resurfacing Facial Treatment – 1 oz – $14.28

This lotion is supposed to help with blotchiness, hyperpigmentation, and other trouble spots.  Excited to try!

Spring14Yuzen 010

Balanced Guru Balm Me Up – 1 oz – $11.25

The body balm seems like it’s going to be greasy, but appears to soak in after a little rubbing.  Will likely use to hit target dry areas!

Chocolove Cherries and Almonds Bar in Dark Chocolate – 1 bar – $1.42

Husband again scores with my box… ha!

Spring14Yuzen 002

Lotus Wei Infinite Love Mist – 10 ml – $8

Unfortunately my mist didn’t make the trek – the bottle was shattered on the bottom.  I sent an email to Yuzen – hopefully they can send another one or something…

Spring14Yuzen 011

Sranrom Candle in Consideration – Full Size? – $32

Sranrom Hand Cream in Calm Down – 1.06 oz – $10

I’m thinking the Sranrom brand is relatively new, as it’s hard to even find prices on these items.  I had to guess on the candle.  Updated with candle price and link!  The hand cream is quite amazing actually!

Spring14Yuzen 012

Sumbody Sum Fizzer in coconut and cream – $5.95

Sumbody Bathmelt in Get Lei’d (?) – $5.50

I do like the bath additives that I’ve been getting, I’ve just been getting so many!  Oh well – these’ll go in the pile and I’ll get to them some day!


My Spring 2014 Yuzen box was worth approximately $88 and I paid $33!  I’m hoping they will send me out another mist for the one that was broken, but otherwise I’m SUPER excited for the products I received this quarter!!

February 2014 Birchbox Review

My February 2014 Birchbox arrived today!


 BBFeb14 002

BBFeb14 003


Women’s Subscription ($10/Month):  Samples of skincare, makeup, and non-beauty extras.


My February 2014 products (I got Box #40):

BBFeb14 005

Coastal Scents Revealed Eye Shadow Palette – 4 shades – $2(?)

It’s almost funny how small this sample is (look at box picture).  Fail Birchbox, Fail.

BBFeb14 004

Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner – 2 fl oz each – $5 each or $10 total

I’m excited to see how well this shampoo and conditioner work!  It’s a little expensive, so I’ll be expecting fabulous!

BBFeb14 006

Harvey Prince Hello Perfume – 2 ml – $2

This perfume smells pretty good – nice springy scent.  Too bad it was -15 deg F out this AM… not quite spring 😦

BBFeb14 007

32 Oral Care Effervescent Breath Crystals – 2 count – $1.33

These are supposed to attack bad breath!  Kind of excited to try!


I estimate the value of my February 2014 Birchbox at approximately $15…  I paid $10 for the box and am pretty disappointed with this months box.  Fortunately for Birchbox, I have loved most of my other boxes, will just have to put this one as a miss.

What did you get in your February 2014 Birchbox?

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