Stitch Fix #3 (January 2014) Review

My Stitch Fix #3 arrived in the mail today!!!!  This is by far my favorite subscription box to receive each month!


Jan14BB,BB5,SF 032

If I kept everything in my box, it would have cost me $262.50.  I feel like my person got a bit out of control on the high prices this time…


$20 a month styling fee – then the cost of clothing (read more here).


Best part about Stitch Fix is the styling cards they send with each item – really helps inept people such as myself with how to wear said items!

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 030 Jan14BB,BB5,SF 018

First up was the Mystree Dalton Mixed-Material Button-Up Shirt – $28

Loved the price of this item, HATED it otherwise!  Talk about frumpy.

Verdict = Sent Back

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 028

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 016 Jan14BB,BB5,SF 017

Next up was the Mia Melon Paloma Striped Short Sleeve Cut-Out Top – $58

This shirt was just so unique that I had to keep.  It fit me well (the back picture is bunched a little) and was just different then anything else I own!  I should have tucked the tags in the back photo… next time 🙂

Verdict = Kept!!

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 027 Jan14BB,BB5,SF 019

Next item was the 41Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan – $48

LOVED this cardigan!  Totally up my alley.  Not really different then what I currently have in the wardrobe, but loved it!

Verdict = Kept!

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 026 Jan14BB,BB5,SF 022

Next up was the Sanctuary Daria Striped French Terry Fitted Dress – $88

While this dress fit fine, I just didn’t love it.  Wasn’t certain where I would ever wear it, plus the price was just a little high for me.

Verdict = Sent Back

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 029

 And last up – the Crosby Cally Skinny Jean – $148 (Pictured on above)

I wasn’t too excited to see another pair of skinny jeans in my box (kept the ones from last month) especially at $148!  Eeek!  Plus I think the jeans I kept last month fit better (at $88).

Verdict = Sent Back


Again, I’m loving this service!  While this month’s box fell a little short for me, I did find two pieces that I LOVE!  (Was hoping for that box where I got to keep everything and take advantage of the 25% off!)  I think I may sign up for monthly deliveries from now on (have been going month by month for awhile)!

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?

Note:  This post contains referral links.


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