January 2014 Eco Emi Review

My January 2014 Eco Emi box also showed up in the mail today!!


SRICandEEJan14 001

SRICandEEJan14 002


Eco Emi costs $15/month.


SRICandEEJan14 004

Foam Bath by Aura Cacia– 2.5 oz – $3.29

I have quite the pile of bath additives, I think the world is trying to tell me something…

Dark Chocolate Squares by Sweet Riot– 4 squares – $1.33

I am guessing over the next month (with Valentine’s themes) I will be receiving a lot of chocolate.  *sigh*  Guess these will keep the Husband happy!

Lip Gloss by Marie Natie in Love Struck – 2 ml (?) – $4.50

The consistency of this lip gloss is quite amazing – not sticky at all, and it smells really good!  However, the color I received isn’t quite right for me (too bright).

SRICandEEJan14 006

Evenly Radiant Brightening by Dermae Cleanser– 0.12 oz of cleanser ($0.31), 0.12 oz night cream ($1.68), and 0.06 oz of eye cream ($3.35) – $5.34

I think January must be the month of cleansers.  I have so many to try it’s ridiculous.

Chocolate Raspberry Candle by Natures Natural – 0.5 oz – $0.85

Not in love with this scent, but I do love the little travel size candle!  May have to try some of the other scents they have.

African Black Soap Acne & Razor Bump Kit – trial size – $5.97

This is supposed to help with acne and razor bumps!  How does Eco Emi find this stuff?? Excited to try 🙂

SRICandEEJan14 008

Aquanatural Sponges – 1 sponge – $1.11

I just got a sponge in my Saffron Rouge Inner Circle box and have to say that sponge seems a lot nicer then this one… May just use this for cleaning or something?  Seems like it’s multipurpose.

Natural Flower Power All Purpose Cleaner in Lavender – 2 oz – $1.33

I kind of wish I would have gotten the lemongrass or citrus scents; but nevertheless, I’ll find a use for this I’m sure!


Overall, I calculate my Eco Emi January 2014 Box to be worth ~$23.  I keep hoping for a little more value out of Eco Emi (especially compared to my Saffron Rouge), but I LOVE how they find unknown products!  I always find myself stalking the shops they find on Etsy!


January 2014 Saffron Rouge’s Inner Circle Review

Oh my goodness – my first Saffron Rouge Inner Circle arrived today!!! I have been (not so) patiently waiting for my first box to show since signing up mid-December!

The Box:

This month’s theme is “Cleansing”

(everything was wrapped up so pretty in the Suki cloth, I had to take a picture!)

SRICandEEJan14 009

The Cost:

What is Saffron Rouge’s Inner Circle?  According to their website, “Receive a beautiful package of deluxe samples from various leading and upcoming organic beauty brands from around the world.  These self indulgent little packages include premium samples and an informative letter describing each of your treats.  The best part is that you also receive a discount code to save on your favorite full sized versions from the package.”

Saffron Rouge’s Inner Circle costs $24.99/month.

The Goods:

SRICandEEJan14 010

Red Flower Yuzu Mimosa Sea Algae Cleanser – 32.5 ml – $4.00

This cleanser smells good – can’t wait to try!

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream – 1 fl oz. – $15.24

I have loved every Dr. Hauschka product I have tried and can’t wait to add this one to the list of future favorites!

Dr. Alkaitis Purifying Cleanser – 15 ml (?) – $8.12

This product can also be used as a shaving gel – may try as that with all of the cleansers I’ve been receiving recently!

Konjac Pure Compact Sponge – 1 sponge – $10.99

This sponge is for those that have sensitive skin (which I do), so I cannot wait to try!  It apparently lasts about three months!

Suki Sensitive Cleansing Bar To Go and Cloth – $5.95 + $11.95 = $17.90

Oh my goodness this soap smells good!! (lemongrass) – again, can’t wait to give this product a try!

The Verdict:

Wow.  Just Wow.  I wish I would have found this service when they first started, as I feel almost cheated from every box I didn’t get!!! I will just have to hang onto this subscription for a long time 🙂

I paid $24.99 for this month’s box and received an estimated $56 worth of product!  I love the deluxe sample sizes received also!!  I can’t WAIT until next month’s box!!  I wish they had a rewards program, but they do offer 10% off the full size samples sent in the inner circle, so that helps!

January 2014 Daily Dose of Green Review

My January 2014 Daily Dose of Green arrived yesterday!


Jan14DDoG 004

Jan14DDoG 005

Here’s the detail card for the items in my box.


Daily Dose of Green is an eco subscription box available for $15 per month


Jan14DDoG 008

Be Natural Organics Acne-Prone Collection – trial collection – $10.00

This collection features a facial wash, enzyme peel, balancing mist, and BHA serum.  I’m not exactly sure what some of these things do – will have to read through the pamphlet; but am always excited to get all natural products 🙂

Jan14DDoG 009

Be Natural Organics Mother of Pearl Facial Scrub – 6 ml – $3

I really hope that I like the Be Natural brand since this month’s box seems to be heavily focused on it!

Artisana Organic Foods Pecan and Walnut Butter – 1.19 oz each – $2 each = $4

I received a sample of this a few months back and have yet to try – but they are rated very well, so will have to make time for them, especially now that they are stacking up!

And this month’s Extra Products:

I really like how they add the extra products to the boxes.  Wish I knew what everyone else was getting as their extras – feel free to share!

Jan14DDoG 011

Pet Naturals of Vermont Skin+Coat for Dogs – 7 chews – $2

This is probably one of the more disappointing extra product months for me.  While I am OK with the sample that I got, I usually get 2-3 extra products… boo on only getting one…


I paid $15 for my daily dose of green box and I received an estimated $19 worth of product.  I love getting a box of all  natural products each month! 🙂  I do wish the box had a little more value to it, but I’m fairly happy nonetheless.

How was your January 2014 Daily Dose of Green box??

January 2014 Beauty Box 5 Review

My January 2014 Beauty Box 5 arrived this week.  I almost forgot I had one more box coming after cancelling last month!


Jan14BB,BB5,SF 001

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 004


Beauty Box 5 is one of the most affordable beauty boxes when using their annual rate.  Here’s the rates:

Monthly – $12/box
Quarterly – $10/box
Annual – $8.25/box


Jan14BB,BB5,SF 005

H2O Plus Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash – 30 ml – $1.36

Product smells good – will have to see how well it works.

Nubar Cuticle and Nail Oil – 0.25 fl oz – $5.00

This item is pretty neat.

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 006

Swissco Bath & Shower Exfoliating Gloves – 1 pair – $4.00

Apparently I need to exfoliate more – BB5 sent a foot pumice last month!

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 007

Jergens Daily Moisture Lotion – 1 fl oz – $0.33

While not a high value item, this will be  nice for travel.

Epic Blend Hemp Coconut Lip Balm – $3.49

This lip balm smells quite amazing!

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 008

Bonus Product: That Awkward Moment Mirror Compact – 2?

I guess this is from a movie that’s coming out?? It’s a pretty cheap feeling little mirror – but I’m sure will get used for something.


My January 2014 Beauty Box 5 contained over $16 of product for the cost of $10 (I purchased the quarterly subscription).  I am quite glad that I cancelled now, as the value of this box just doesn’t seem to be there.  I’d rather spend my $10 at buying stuff I’d actually use at the store.

January 2014 Birchbox Review

My January 2014 Birchbox arrived this week!


 Jan14BB,BB5,SF 009

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 010


Women’s Subscription ($10/Month):  Samples of skincare, makeup, and non-beauty extras.


My January 2014 products:

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 012

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara – 0.1 oz – $7.50

Oh my goodness I’m excited to try this mascara!   I love all natural products!

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk – 50 ml – $6.50

Hm – this product is odd, it’s like an aerosol can… I may try, but just odd to me.

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 013

Paula’s Choice RESIST C15 Super Booster – 0.12 fl oz – $8.00

This is supposed to help with dark spots – kind of excited to try (have a dark spot under my eye).

Whish Three Whishes Body Butter in pomegranate – 22 ml – $3.52

This. Lotion. Smells. AMAZING!! LOVE!

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 014

Ahmad Tea London Assorted Teas – 3 teas – $0.50

The value of this sample was quite low, but nevertheless I’m excited as I love tea.  Can’t wait to try the blackcurrant burst!


I estimate the value of my January 2014 Birchbox at approximately $26!  I paid $10 for the box and once again am overly impressed with the items in my box!  This is definitely one of my favorites!

What did you get in your January 2014 Birchbox?

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Stitch Fix #3 (January 2014) Review

My Stitch Fix #3 arrived in the mail today!!!!  This is by far my favorite subscription box to receive each month!


Jan14BB,BB5,SF 032

If I kept everything in my box, it would have cost me $262.50.  I feel like my person got a bit out of control on the high prices this time…


$20 a month styling fee – then the cost of clothing (read more here).


Best part about Stitch Fix is the styling cards they send with each item – really helps inept people such as myself with how to wear said items!

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 030 Jan14BB,BB5,SF 018

First up was the Mystree Dalton Mixed-Material Button-Up Shirt – $28

Loved the price of this item, HATED it otherwise!  Talk about frumpy.

Verdict = Sent Back

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 028

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 016 Jan14BB,BB5,SF 017

Next up was the Mia Melon Paloma Striped Short Sleeve Cut-Out Top – $58

This shirt was just so unique that I had to keep.  It fit me well (the back picture is bunched a little) and was just different then anything else I own!  I should have tucked the tags in the back photo… next time 🙂

Verdict = Kept!!

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 027 Jan14BB,BB5,SF 019

Next item was the 41Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan – $48

LOVED this cardigan!  Totally up my alley.  Not really different then what I currently have in the wardrobe, but loved it!

Verdict = Kept!

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 026 Jan14BB,BB5,SF 022

Next up was the Sanctuary Daria Striped French Terry Fitted Dress – $88

While this dress fit fine, I just didn’t love it.  Wasn’t certain where I would ever wear it, plus the price was just a little high for me.

Verdict = Sent Back

Jan14BB,BB5,SF 029

 And last up – the Crosby Cally Skinny Jean – $148 (Pictured on above)

I wasn’t too excited to see another pair of skinny jeans in my box (kept the ones from last month) especially at $148!  Eeek!  Plus I think the jeans I kept last month fit better (at $88).

Verdict = Sent Back


Again, I’m loving this service!  While this month’s box fell a little short for me, I did find two pieces that I LOVE!  (Was hoping for that box where I got to keep everything and take advantage of the 25% off!)  I think I may sign up for monthly deliveries from now on (have been going month by month for awhile)!

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?

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January 2014 Birchbox Man Review

Husband’s January 2014 Birchbox Man arrived the other day – just getting around to posting.  And yes, I really had to concentrate on putting the “2014” in the post!


Jan14BBman 001

Jan14BBman 002


Men’s Subscription ($20/Month):  Grooming products and accessories ranging from socks to tech accessories


Overview of his box from Birchbox:

Jan14BBman 003

English Laundry Notting Hill Eau de Parfum – 1 ml – $0.85

This smells awesome!  May have to save up some points to buy husband a full size bottle!

Ernest Supplies Soap-Free Gel Face Wash – 0.3 fl oz – $1.85

Jan14BBman 004

Reviver Dry Deodorant Wipes – 1 wipe – $3

Proraso Shave Cream – 10 ml – $0.67

Jan14BBman 005

Tommy John 360 Sport Trunk – $31 

Husband said he LOVES these boxers, so huge win!


The overall value of the January 2014 Birchbox Man was over $37 for a $20 subscription.

Husband seems like he likes everything in this box, will depend on how much he likes the boxers I guess since the majority of the value was in these items. [follow up, husband LOVED the boxers, so huge win this month!]

P.S. Husband enjoyed last month’s socks so much that we ended up using some of our Birchbox points to buy him another pair in the other color – so huge win there!

What did you get in your January Birchbox Man?

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