December 2013 Homegrown Collective Review

I received my December 2013 Homegrown Collective box right before we left for Christmas, here’s what was inside:


This month’s theme is “Essential Home Remedies” (again they have a spelling error… someone really needs spell check).

christmasandhgcdec13 023


Month to Month: $39 plus $9 shipping
3 Months: $117 plus $9/month shipping (no savings)
6 Months: $234 plus Free Shipping!
12 Months: $429 plus Free Shipping! (one month free)


christmasandhgcdec13 029

The first “task” is to make Oregano Oil.  Oregano Essential Oil is apparently good for killing bacteria and as an antihistamine.

Here’s the items for making the oil:

christmasandhgcdec13 034

Next up was making an herbal tincture, which is apparently used as an alternative medicine or dietary supplement.  I’m not too sure about this one, but will give it a shot.

christmasandhgcdec13 036

and the goods:

christmasandhgcdec13 037

The last item in the box was to make Eucalyptus Vapor Cups, which you are to put in the shower to aid in congestion.  I am ridiculously excited to make these!

christmasandhgcdec13 040

and the goods:

christmasandhgcdec13 043


This is my favorite Homegrown Collective Greenbox yet and cannot wait to make/try the items in this box!

I did not assign a value to the items in this box, as I am not even certain the correct way to do so.  The box is so well curated that I DEFINITELY feel that it was worth the $39!!  Could I have gone out and purchased the individual items separately for less money?  Probably, but there’s no way I would have come close to joy of opening such a well thought out box!

P.S. The dog was really excited to dig through this box… he was after the echinacea…

christmasandhgcdec13 024


3 thoughts on “December 2013 Homegrown Collective Review

  1. Did you try the Eucalpytus, lavender vapor cups? I made them according to the directions and they do nothing. I put them in the shower and they’re dissolved in 5 seconds and no smell whatsoever. I really, REALLY wanted to love these. Very disappointing.

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