December 2013 Conscious Box Review

I received my December 2013 Conscious Box in the mail yesterday, here’s what was inside:


BBandCBDec13 018


$19.95/month (with free shipping)


BBandCBDec13 020

Larabar Snickerdoodle Bar – 1 bar – $2.19

I wasn’t a big fan of this bar, but Husband said it was OK.

Two Degrees Chocolate Banana Bar – 1 bar – $2

We received one of these in the November 2013 Daily Dose of Green box – Husband liked it, so I think he’s OK with having another!

BBandCBDec13 021

Vitamin D3 Gummies – 1 gummy – $0.22

The gummy tasted OK, not something that I would buy off of one gummy though.

Mega Food Vegan Daily Dietary Supplement – 2 tablets – $1

We got this same sample in last month’s Conscious Box – disappointed that they would send the same thing again…

BBandCBDec13 022

Salamandra Naturals Tea Tree Peppermint Soap – sample size – 1 oz? – $1.25

I love the scent of this bar – will be adding this to the travel pile to take along the next time I’m out of town.

Grab Green Dishwashing Detergent – 2 tabs – $0.67

We received a sample of these in the Eco Emi Winter 2013 Bonus box – they seem to work good the last time we tried them, so glad to have received another sample!

BBandCBDec13 023

Numi Organics Beet Cabbage Black Tea – 1 bag – $0.67

This doesn’t even sound good… Not sure we’ll ever sample this even… hm…

The Persimmon Tree Tea Company Immortal Nectar – 1 oz? – $7?

Not sure on the actual value of this – had a hard time finding actual value online.  We don’t have a loose leave tea ball, so we’ll have to buy one before we sample this.

BBandCBDec13 024

Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Body Wash – 15 mL – $0.50

Will add this to the body wash pile.

The Good Bean Roasted Chickpeas – 0.75 oz – $0.75

Another one to throw in the pile to try.

BBandCBDec13 025

Boiron Oscillococcinum – 3 tubes – $2.19 

Meant to take when feeling flu-like symptoms.  I hope that I never have to sample these!  ha!

BumBoosa Bamboo Baby Wipes – 1 wipe – $0.10

Have no use for these…


Jersey Kids Organic Peppermint Lip Conditioner – Full Size – $4

This is the second peppermint lip balm I’ve received – will likely gift this item.


My estimated value is over $22 for my December 2013 Conscious Box.  This will be my last Conscious Box, as I just don’t feel the value is there based on the size of the samples (seems all like things you can find for free online).  It was OK for the first three months since I got a good deal, but I can’t imagine paying full price for this box.


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