December 2013 Bulu Box Review

My December 2013 Bulu Box arrived in the mail the other day.  Here’s what was inside:


BBandCBDec13 006

Here’s the information card I received describing all of the products.  I really enjoyed this as I’m not the most supplement, etc. savvy.

BBandCBDec13 009


Month-to-Month: $10 (Free Shipping)
3 Month: $30 (Free Shipping)
6 Month: $60 (Free Shipping)
12 Month: $110 (Free Shipping) *One box Free!


Bulu Box Weight Management Box

BBandCBDec13 010

Mestrength – 2 sticks – $2.33

These seem like a “make your own” powerade stick – Husband will likely try these.

Barlean’s Omega Swirl Mango Peach – 3.3 mL – $0.20

It appears the serving size for this is 10 mL – so not really sure why they sent a third of the serving size.  Seems quite pointless to try the product with a third of the sample.  hm.

BBandCBDec13 011

Quest Bar in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – 1 bar – $2

Husband sure has a lot of protein bars to try these days…

Athletic Edge LIV – 2 capsules – $1.40

Will have to see how these work – supposed to curve appetite.

BBandCBDec13 012

Mediterranean Snacks Tapaz 2 Go – 1 pack – $3

I’m really excited to try this!  Seems like a a neat little snack pack!


The value of my December 2013 Bulu Weight Loss Box was a little less than $9.  The normal cost for this box is $10; however, I got a pretty good deal (3 boxes for $17).  Overall, I was quite disappointed in this month’s box… it had a very low value, and the only thing I was kind of excited to see was the Tapaz 2 Go.

This was the last month of my paid subscription to Bulu Weight Loss Box, and I will not be renewing.  Out of the three months I received, I really only liked one box.  Also, we just aren’t big supplement people, and that seems to be the basis of these boxes.  When I first signed up, I was hoping for items that would excite me to work out, but this box has never managed to excite me to do so.


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