December 2013 Escape Monthly Italy Review

Escape Monthly was running a promotion to get their December 2013 “Italy” escape box for $40 as a one time “gift” box.  Since Italy has been a destination on our short list for vacations, I thought it was the perfect month to try out, especially with no commitment of cancelling!

The Box:

FFFandEMDec13 018

FFFandEMDec13 020

The Cost:

This month’s box cost me a one time fee of $40 (gift box for December).  The normal cost for this subscription is $50/month.

The Goods:

FFFandEMDec13 022

Living Abroad in Italy – $20

This book was perhaps the largest disappointment in the box.  I had thought that each Escape Monthly came with a travel guide, but how does a living abroad book help me plan a vacation!??!  Ugh.  Add to that the thought of getting a travel guide was my justification for purchasing this box… 😦

note: while I may get some information out of this book, I will likely end up buying a more detailed travel book (I like Fodor’s), so this seems like a waste overall.

FFFandEMDec13 024

Skin&Co Truffle Body Milk and Truffle Body Gel – $11 each

I tried the body milk – delicious smell and seems to work well!

FFFandEMDec13 025

Olio and Olive Castelvetrano Olives – $9

Rigoni di Asiago Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread – $8.35

Neither of these items really peaks my interest – not a huge olive fan and the hazelnut spread has cocoa.  But I have a feeling Husband will enjoy these!

FFFandEMDec13 026

Isiciliami Passione Pasticcera – $9

Go and buy these NOW.  Just do it.  Probably the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten.

FFFandEMDec13 027

La Civetta Extra Virgin Olive Oil – $2.50

Perugina Baci (dark chocolate) – $2

I will definitely give the olive oil a try (with my Crum Creek Soy Bites I couldn’t resist buying a case of after receiving in my October Conscious Box…)  The chocolate will be going to Husband.

The Verdict:

The overall value of my Italy Escape was over $70; however, the biggest disappointment was the lack of travel guide.  Without this item, I still did receive $50 worth of items from Italy (some of which are amazing – others yet to try), but I just can’t see myself subscribing to this box full time.


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