December 2013 Eco Emi Review

My December 2013 Eco Emi box  showed up in the mail today!!  I was super excited and ripped right in!


EEDec13 001

EEDec13 004


Eco Emi costs $15/month.


EEDec13 006

Winter Wonderland Goat Milk Soap by Omniio – 1 oz – $1.17 (Full Size: 6 oz for $7)

Oh my goodness this soap smells good!  It’s the perfect size for a longer vacation – so might hold on for then!

Exfoliating Daily Cleansing Towelettes by Blum Naturals – 2 towelettes – $0.80 (Full Size: 10 towelettes for $3.99)

I have used a lot of makeup remover towelettes, but never an exfoliating one!  It was actually kind of neat.  I use a gentle exfoliate in the morning though, so don’t think I need it at night.

EEDec13 007

Natural Herbal Decongestant Salve by Sage Aromatherapy – 1 oz – $4.38 (Full Size: 2 oz for $8.75)

I’m actually on the tail end of a cold, so put some of this on my throat and chest.  It smells pretty good, but does seem to have cleared my airway some (not too congested at this point anymore – so didn’t have much to clear).  Am hoping this helps with the residual sore throat I’ve had!

On a side note, I LOVE that Eco Emi finds products on Etsy for me – I’m stalking this shop for other items as I am writing…

Seed Paper by Plantables and Paper – 1 tree – $0.75 (Full Size: 25 trees for $18.75)

This is an interesting idea – would be cute for some sort of handout or favor?  Not sure the applicability otherwise.  I may try to remember to plant in the spring to see if it takes.

EEDec13 009

Tree Cookie Cutters by The Party Fairy – 1 cutter – $4.75 

So the website shows a cutter with a handle, which I most certainly didn’t get, which is a little disappointing.  Cutter cookies are a lot easier with the handles.  Anyway, this will just go in the jar with all of the other cutters I have.

Candy Cane Hand Sanitizer by Fortune Cookie Soap – 1 oz – $2.89

Oh my goodness, I quite love this hand sanitizer!  It doesn’t have that overpowering alcohol smell – and the name cracks me up (OCD Hand Sanitizer)!  Think this’ll go in my purse for the season.

EEDec13 011

Whitelighter Eye Shadow by Brija Cosmetics – 1 g? – $1 (Full Size: 5 g for $5.38)

This is a very pretty color – just a soft shimmery white.

Aah Bath Soak by Wash – 2 oz – $1.50 (Full Size: 16 oz for $12)

Will be adding this to my pile of bath soaks.  It smells AMAZING and can’t wait to use it!


Overall, I calculate my Eco Emi December 2013 Box to be worth ~$17.  While this box doesn’t have the value of last months, I LOVE everything in this month’s box (short of the cookie cutter).  I was contemplating if I would keep this box, but after this month’s, I in love!  Keep it up Eco Emi! 🙂


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