December 2013 Beauty Box 5

My December 2013 Beauty Box 5 arrived nice and promptly this month, I was a little concerned after the almost three weeks of shipping last month!


decbox2 022


Beauty Box 5 is one of the most affordable beauty boxes when using their annual rate.  Here’s the rates:

Monthly – $12/box
Quarterly – $10/box
Annual – $8.25/box


decbox2 027

NYX Cosmetics Love in Rio Eyeshadow Palette – FULL SIZE – $6.00

Not sure I have a good use for this – the eyeshadow seems to be piling up around here, will likely regift.

Ofra Cosmetics Sultry Lipgloss Plumper – FULL SIZE – $12.95

I have pretty poofy lips to begin with and have never liked plumpers in the past – this will go in the gift pile as well.

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer – 0.5 oz – $1.17

This actually smells quite refreshing and seems to be a decent moisturizer!  It’s a good size for traveling, so may save for that purpose.

decbox2 029

Body Drench Lotion – 2 fl oz – $1.06

Holy cats this lotion has a strong scent… even the dogs were sneezing.  Seems to work well though.

Every Beauty Flexible Foot Smoother – $4.99

I’ve never used one of these, so not sure how it’ll go.  Usually when my heals get dry, I just get a pedicure.


My December 2013 Beauty Box 5 contained over $26 of product for the cost of $10 (I purchased the quarterly subscription).  I liked some of the products and will be gifting the rest.  This is the second month in a row that I’ll be gifting a good portion of the box.  I have one more month paid for, but thinking this box will probably go unless the next one knocks my socks off…  Just doesn’t really seem to contain a lot of products that are geared towards me (i.e., natural products).


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