November 2013 Conscious Box Review

Well here’s the review for my November 2013 Conscious Box.  There are so many samples that sample photos are from Conscious Box.

The Box:



$19.95/month (with free shipping)


MRM Relax-All or Digest-All

MRM Relax-All or Digest-All – 2 tablets – $0.33

This product is supposed to help aid in digestion – might have to give it a try the next time I’m craving a big plate of pasta!

Mighty Leaf Organic Teas

Mighty Leaf Organic Teas – 3 packages – $1.60

These are whole leaf tea packages and we don’t have a tea ball.  Guess we’ll have to get one to try these.  Typically I like making tea with the Keurig – much simpler (I know blasphemy from the Tea Gurus out there…)

YogaAnne Calm Essential Oil Blend

YogaAnne Calm Essential Oil Blend – 0.5 ml? – $1?

Smells pretty good – guess I’ll have to try to remember to use at work to see if it helps!

Mudd + Wyeth YaffBar

Mudd + Wyeth YaffBar – 1 bar – $3

So this bar is apparently good for both you AND your dog.  That sort of creeps me out.  Will probably give to the Husband to eat… LOL

DetoxRx Cell-U-Firm Body Gel

DetoxRx Cell-U-Firm Body Gel – 24 ml – $4

Hm – we’ll see if this does anything…

Mega Food Vegan Daily Dietary SupplementConBoxNov009

Mega Food Vegan Daily Dietary Supplement – 2 tablets – $1

I had to take a picture of the ingredients.  Yes, I would like some supplements with a side of boron and chromium please?  wtf.  I’ll pass.  Husband said he’d take them though…

Rebootizer Destress Detox

Rebootizer Destress Detox – 66 g – $6

Hm – will give this a shot I guess.

Swiss Villa Raw Milk Cow Cheese: Herbes de Provence

Swiss Villa Raw Milk Cow Cheese: Herbes de Provence – 1 oz? – $1? (can’t find product online – not sure why it was in a box if there’s no way for me to purchase…)

Note – must eat with crackers.  This cheese was STRONG!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cheese and was super happy to have a cheese sample in my box.. but whew!

Plum Organics Grammy Sammy

Plum Organics Grammy Sammy – 1 bar – $0.84

This one little tiny bar has 110 calories and 20 g of carbs.  Holy cats.  Guess that’s why it’s for kids.

Global Health Trax ThreeLac

Global Health Trax ThreeLac – 2 packs – $1.67

So – been thinking about trying probiotics to help with my digestive issues.  Will give these a shot.

Sunology Natural Sunscreen

Sunology Natural Sunscreen – 0.07 oz – $0.30

Hm – sunscreen in November.  Makes sense?  Hopefully I remember this sample sitting around somewhere come summer 6 months from now…


Postography – 2 free postcards – $2.50

Hm – will have to see if I can find a good use for these…

TeeChia Super Seeds Cereal Blueberry

TeeChia Super Seeds Cereal Blueberry – 1.76 oz – $1.70

Husband will probably try this too – I hate blueberry.

Smarty Pants Weight Management Complete

Smarty Pants Weight Management Complete – 6 gummies – $1

Hm – these seem like they are for kids, but they are for weight management.  I’m confused.

Maty's All Natural Kid's Cough Syrup

Maty’s All Natural Kid’s Cough Syrup – 0.34 fl oz. – $0.70

Don’t have kids, but will probably try this if (when) colds hit this year.

The Verdict:

My estimated value is over $26 for my November 2013 Conscious Box.  I still have some reservations on the true “value” of this box since most of the samples are so small.  I don’t know, still on the fence.  Don’t think I would have been too happy had I paid the full $20 price.  I have one more box paid for and will probably make up my mind then.

How was your November 2013 Conscious Box?



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